2019 Permaweb Highlights

The Arweave Project
4 min readJan 1, 2020

This year we embarked on an exciting journey with the Arweave developer community and welcomed over 150 new web applications on the permaweb. We saw a diverse range of platforms grow into fruition — from discussion forums, content publishing platforms and a peer-to-peer browser; to beat makers, meme generators, and classic desktop games. To celebrate our thriving ecosystem, we look back on some of this year’s highlights and showcase our our top ten community creations, chosen by the Arweave team:

ArAcademic 📚

ArAcademic is an open access publishing platform that allows users to publish academic articles under a Creative Commons license or under Open Access, original work. All articles are freely available for anyone in the world to use, making knowledge accessible to all. ArAcademic boasts a number of features, including a distraction free editor with auto save, instant preview, and multi-device editing.

Permaweb link: https://ss6puabcq3ch.arweave.net/5Yeg3wT4COQL6Bz-tdp9xlmeiwgcOO8NupjpEUDXZ5Y/index.html

Decent-a-forums 💬

Decent-a-Forums is a decentralised discussion board, with a minimal easy-to-navigate UI. The forum lists categories and allows users to comment on posts and upvote content, along with the option to create your very own forum. Aside from the no-nonsense navigation, Decent-a-Forums also displays super cool ASCII animations throughout the platform.

Permaweb link: https://5vbgactgfkjm.arweave.net/3SMZ1RW2xGTBdTiUznKrkTJTHtYtBs27wm0q2H58Jck#/

Hotdog Rhythm Station 🌭

Perhaps one of the most obscurely named platforms on the permaweb, Hotdog Rhythm Station is a permanent online beat maker that’s inspired by the 90’s Windows program Hammerhead Rhythm Station. With Hotdog Rhythm Station, it’s possible to make beats on-the-go and save them to the permaweb forever. Features include: integrated audio player, tempo control, preloaded samples, and more!

Permaweb link:


Arweave ID 📟

Arweave ID is a simple identity registry for Arweave addresses. Once you have created an ID that is linked to your wallet address, you can use your identity across many permaweb platforms, such as: forums, publishing platforms, Weavemail, and more. Claim your permaweb username today, or link up your email address, Twitter handle, ETH address, and Discord ID.

Permaweb link:


Arweave Apps 🎨

Where would all of the awesome permaweb apps be without a place to discover them all?! Arweave Apps is an indexer for the Arweave permaweb, so you can easily discover the array of Dapps that have been deployed on the blockweave. Find your favourite platforms and search by categories that range from finance, games, health, and media, to identity, social, storage and security.

Permaweb link: https://v3a7jv2hz4t2.arweave.net/44-CkHK6qYVNtfQDoGl69gUvapqf_kp0H-N0PKpUx8k/index.html

Scribe ✍️

Scribe is an article publishing platform inspired by platforms such as Medium and Steemit. Visitors can post articles or blog entries with the easy composer and save them to the permaweb forever. The editor allows basic text formatting, along with markdown, image uploading, and category tagging. Once articles are published, they can be viewed publicly on the landing page.

Permaweb link:


Weaver 🏊‍♂️

Weaver is a privacy-focused-permaweb-web-browser with a super smooth user experience. Weaver aims to be fast, private, beautiful, extensible and functional, and the main idea of the browser is to easily navigate the permaweb. Features include: easy access to Arweave Apps directly from the intro screen, tab groups, partial Chrome extension support, and ad-free web browsing.



Chaiku 🔢

Chaiku is a platform for calculating the Arweave transaction price, depending on the transferred file size and the target wallet (optional). Features include: Winston and AR fee units, calculations based on live network data, and a choice of Bytes, KB, MB, GB.

Permaweb link:


Permapaste 👨‍💻

With PermaPaste, you can store, share and edit public or private plain text ascii, and markdown documents on the Arweave Permaweb. Store pastes publicly or encrypted, using a password or secret link to encrypt the page. It’s also mobile friendly, click ‘Add to Home Screen’ on your mobile browser to have it installed as an app!

Permaweb link:

https://arweave.net/z_NhVkfe-qeuHhc3i4GZewK-tLgwhFdF-S74-v8rC7A / Markdown editor

Paise 💸

Paise is a decentralized personal expense manager which you can share with friends.

The platform enables you to keep track of your expenses, as well as managing them and providing insights into your daily spends. All data is encrypted and stored permanently using your private key.

Permaweb link:


Don’t forget, you can view all permaweb applications over at Arweave Apps!

As we continue to support the ever-growing permaweb ecosystem, we can’t wait to see what awesome applications find a home on the permaweb next year! Interested in participating in our open web hackathon? Head over to our GitHub repo to find active bounties.



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