This month has seen incredible activity in the Arweave ecosystem, from even more NFT projects using the protocol, to the very first Arweave conference, to vital new tools like arkb being added to the protocol. Read on to learn more!


This month saw the very first Arweave conference, ArConf#1! This inaugural, invite-only event welcomed key figures from across the whole Arweave ecosystem. From developers & builders to end users & evangelists, many gathered for this capstone event rounding off our recent Open Web Foundry incubator programme.

We kicked off the day with Founder Talks from leading ecosystem creators, hearing pitches…

This quarter has been astronomically busy for the whole Arweave ecosystem! In March alone, the network handled over 1 million transactions, and the storage endowment grew to over $550,000. The latest incubator programme, the Open Web Foundry, came to a close last week with over 500 participants. Plus, we have a raft of fantastic updates to share from the vibrant network of founders, including: Arweave’s unique offering for NFTs being showcased in the Guardian, the creation of atomic NFTs, ArConnect — a new MetaMask-style AR web wallet from the Verto team, and much, much more.

There’s been so much activity…

Video tutorials to get you started with Verto Exchange, a protocol for swaps and NFT trading on the Arweave network.

Verto is a decentralized trading protocol built on Arweave. Verto allows anyone to buy or sell profit sharing tokens (PSTs) that have been minted on the network. PSTs are tokens on Arweave that distribute to their holders ongoing dividends accrued from dapp usage.

Learn how to swap assets on Verto exchange:

Verto has also launched Space, an application to browse and trade NFTs. Verto Space has built in attention rewards, powered by incentivization protocol Open Koi. Verto Space allows…

Product teams Verto and Koi are building the foundational apps for the Arweave ecosystem, including NFT redemptions, ETH — AR swaps, and exchanges.

The Arweave ecosystem is a burgeoning community of developers and entrepreneurs focused on building out the core applications and capabilities of the network. Two applications in particular have been at the forefront of providing critical functionality and user experience to the Arweave network: Verto and Koi.


Verto is a decentralized trading protocol built on Arweave. Verto allows anyone to buy or sell profit sharing tokens (PSTs) that have been minted on the network. PSTs are tokens on…

The difference between NFT storage and ownership, and Arweave’s blockweave solution to truly permanent storage.

NFTs today rely on metadata and referenced content that is not always guaranteed to live on mediums that will persist forever. Arweave’s blockweave architecture ensures absolute permanent storage, enabling NFTs minted elsewhere or natively to achieve true, trustless immutability.

In Web2, there are two primary issues facing the management of content: ownership and storage. Combined, these two problems have created an internet experience dictated by ad models, insufficient individual monetization, and fragile user experiences.

Ownership. The internet today does a poor job of establishing ownership…

At 20:03 EST on February 24th, the first SPoRA block was mined on the Arweave network. Block 633720 marks an important upgrade to Arweave and a new era of efficient consensus and mining operations among network participants.

Breaking down SPoRA

Succinct Proofs of Random Access (SPoRA) is a new type of consensus mechanism for the Arweave network. Until block 633720, Arweave was running a classic Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, with the additional requirement for blocks to include a reference to past data on the network (a structure critical to the system’s blockweave architecture) — known together as Proof of Access (PoA)…

The Arweave ecosystem is experiencing a Cambrian explosion of growth. Since launching our first Open Web programme with last July, there are now dozens of profit-sharing communities that have on-boarded thousands of users, while collectively raising millions of dollars. Developers all over the ecosystem are now quitting their day jobs and building on the permaweb full time. This is why we’re incredibly excited to fuel even more growth with our third incubator programme: the Open Web Foundry by Arweave.

Check out the previous programme’s Demo Day here for inspiration!

The Open Web Foundry is a six-week programme guiding founders through…

Activity in the permaweb ecosystem has been absolutely exploding this month! Check out some of the highlights from the past month, including Arweave’s feature in the World Economic Forum’s crypto report plus in a New York Times piece on blockchain’s ability to combat authoritarianism, and a collaboration with Parity Technologies aimed at utilising Arweave for the storage of Polkadot parachain data!

Profit Sharing Communities

The Verto team has been busy building and shipping updates, including a decentralised one-way burncoin inside SmartWeave: paving the way for DAOs and other smart contracts on the network to move representations of the tokens in the base chain…

Information has always been a vital organisational asset, and good governance is deeply connected to effective record management. With good records, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel (or the city bus, or vending machines) — you can rely on trusted information to inform decision making. DAOs, or decentralised autonomous organisations, are a type of non-hierarchical, collective organisation that makes decisions based on a protocol or smart contract. You can think of them as programmable organisations. As life becomes more networked, a democratic system that enables dispersed, cross-jurisdictional communities to transact with each other could be the solution for problems…

We’re excited to showcase the recently created “SOLAR Bridge,” a connection between Solana and Arweave enabled by Bering Waters, an Arweave backer and investment group based out of Hong Kong. The bridge progressively and automatically stores ledger data from the Solana blockchain onto the permaweb, ensuring that Solana’s entire ledger history is made available on public infrastructure in perpetuity.

The potential of blockchains to serve as public utilities has been in discussion for years, with international governments and leading banks considering the values of blockchains in diverse sectors, from energy to governance. Ledgers and transaction histories they contain must be…

The Arweave Project

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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