Announcing the Arweave Open Web Fellowship: Investing $100,000 in Profit Sharing Communities!

We recently wrapped up the Arweave Open Web Incubator. The resulting projects were an outstanding success and a testament to the weeks of collaboration and innovation from the whole Arweave ecosystem. Since the launch of the incubator we have seen the creation of over 15 major new profit sharing communities (PSCs). Of these incredible projects, at least 9 have already been exploring funding options with world-leading venture capital funds, and 7 are finalising their first fundraising rounds!

The core Arweave team is simply blown away by the recent progress in the community. To support this powerful momentum, today we are very proud to announce our next ecosystem development initiative: The Arweave Open Web Fellowship.

The Open Web Fellowship programme aims to be an accelerant to the profit sharing communities ecosystem. As well as investing $100,000 into profit sharing communities, we will host a range of educational and informal events connecting industry experts with permaweb founders and other community members.

The Open Web Fellowship programme will run for six weeks, and you can sign up now! At the end, we will be hosting a Demo Day, where founders will showcase their brilliant projects live to the wider Arweave community and beyond, attracting new users, contributors, and potential investors. You can watch our previous Demo Day event here to get a taste of what’s in store.

Make sure to register on Gitcoin, join us on Discord, and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on programme events!

This programme is for both new and existing Arweavers:

  • New permaweb creators and founders will be supported with developing the initial building blocks of their new profit sharing community. For example, we will host a range of masterclasses from how to design your token economics, all the way to presenting your project like a pro to potential investors.
  • We will also be offering tailored support for existing permaweb apps and projects, assisting founders and creators who are in the process of building out their communities with additional contributors and collaborators. For example, guest speakers will deliver masterclasses and offer support with finding product-market fit and expanding your app’s user base.

The $100,000 from the core Arweave team will be allocated in the form of purchasing profit sharing tokens, providing founders with resources to support their project’s development. Purchases will be announced after the end of the Open Web Fellowship as negotiations are completed with each of the winning projects.

Bring a Founder

There are referral rewards available for anyone bringing amazing new profit sharing community founders into the ecosystem. If you refer a founder who builds a community that we invest in as part of the fellowship programme, you will receive 35% of the profit sharing tokens that we purchase from them. To be eligible for this reward, the person that you referred to the programme simply needs to provide your contact details (either email address, Discord username, or Gitcoin/Github handle) when they register on Gitcoin.

Registration for the Open Web Fellowship is now open! Sign up on Gitcoin today and join our Discord server to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events.

Thank you to the whole Arweave community for coming together to make the last programme a success — we are incredibly excited to see what you bring to the ecosystem next.

See you on the permaweb!


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