Arweave April 2021 Ecosystem Update: First Arweave conference, more NFTs, podcasts, & much more!

This month has seen incredible activity in the Arweave ecosystem, from even more NFT projects using the protocol, to the very first Arweave conference, to vital new tools like arkb being added to the protocol. Read on to learn more!


This month saw the very first Arweave conference, ArConf#1! This inaugural, invite-only event welcomed key figures from across the whole Arweave ecosystem. From developers & builders to end users & evangelists, many gathered for this capstone event rounding off our recent Open Web Foundry incubator programme.

We kicked off the day with Founder Talks from leading ecosystem creators, hearing pitches from Foundry participants in the Demo Day session on everything from new NFT platforms to social media apps, and then rounded off the conference with a Jobs Fair!

We’ll be covering the projects presented in this ecosystem update, but you can check out the whole event on YouTube now! Follow us on Twitter to learn more about future events and nab your own invite.

Profit Sharing Community Updates


The th8ta team is behind such innovative, ecosystem-leading tools such as Verto.Exchange and ArConnect. Here are updates from the team’s impressive work this month — for more updates, check out the team’s blog.

ArConnect: Simple, secure Arweave wallet management tool

  • Lead Developer Marton Lederer delivered a Founder Talk at ArConf#1 — watch the video here.

Verto.Exchange: Leading profit sharing token exchange

  • Verto Co-Founder Tate Berenbaum delivered a Founder Talk during ArConf#1 — watch the video here.

Sarcophagus: A decentralised dead man’s switch

  • A fully-functional testnet is now available — you can help test out Sarcophagus on the testnet here.

ArDrive: Offering permanent, immutable file storage

  • Earn a share of ArDrive’s profit sharing token (#ↁ) by participating in the DUST usage mining programme. Find out how to participate today here.

ArGo: Deploy to the permaweb in just one click

  • ArGo Founder Prashant Maurya delivered a Founder Talk at ArConf#1 — watch the video here.

Evermore: A powerful permaweb-based file storage tool

ArweaveNews: A community-run news service for the Arweave ecosystem

  • The ArweaveNews team is kindly offering to help showcase the work of Arweave ecosystem founders for free — if this applies to you, reach out to the ArweaveNews team now.

The Koi Protocol: A new framework for decentralized permaweb services

  • The Koi NFT portal is now live! Users can upload NFTs to and earn KOI tokens whenever they are viewed.

Pianity: Connecting artists, fans, and buyers by building permanent music NFTs

  • The first limited edition Pianity NFT was minted on Arweave this month — Rêverie. A permaweb-based social network protocol

  • Featured in HackerNoon’s article, ‘A Distributed Serverless Blockchain-Based Cache System’.

everFinance: A layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum with virtually gasless transactions using Arweave

Ecclesia: A social media platform focused on free speech

  • Ecclesia Founder Brennan Lamey delivered a Founder Talk at ArConf#1 — watch the video here. Brennan also delivered a presentation for the Demo Day session, showcasing the Ecclesia platform itself — watch that video here.

New on the Permaweb Making permanent data management simple

  • Via is an object document mapper facilitating permanent document storage with Arweave, allowing devs to interact with Arweave as you would with a traditional NoSQL database.

Ruddlys: A web 3.0 fine art auctioneer platform solving digital art scarcity

  • Ruddlys aims to harness the power of Arweave and NFT technology to create a virtual gallery space that you can visit to enjoy unique artworks found nowhere else.

0pen School: Revolutionising education through gamified incentive-based learning mechanisms

  • 0pen School is an educational platform utilising token-based incentives and a ‘proof of knowing’ mechanism to empower students, teachers, and educators in industry, producing better outcomes for all.

Darkblock: Guaranteeing exclusive access to digital art with encryption & Arweave

  • Darkblock guarantees exclusive access to digital art using a decentralized encryption protocol built on top of Arweave.

Non-Fungible Tokens & Arweave

As many of you will be aware, Arweave is rapidly becoming a leading solution for NFT minting, plus NFT asset and metadata storage. To learn more, check out this previous Guardian article and read about atomic NFTs.

This month saw more NFT activity in the Arweave ecosystem:

  • Mintbase began adding Arweave logos to NFTs minted on their platform. Learn why in this CoinDesk article by Brady Dale.

The Arweave Network & Protocol Updates

Arkb: A robust, cost-effective, & easy-to-use deployment tool for Arweave

  • Release of arkb v1.1.0, on top of a new profit sharing community called Textury. New features include:

Amplify: A faster, more powerful gateway implementation for Arweave

  • View the status of the Amplify node cluster here.

In the wild:


Dystopia LabsOpen Web Community Summit | May 16th-June 6th 2021

  • Arweave Founder Sam Williams will be appearing to discuss NFTs, the permaweb, and more with digital artist Kevin Abosch, SuperRare’s Head of Community Louis Giraux, crypto artist Mr. Misang, and others.


Who Are the Fastest Growing Developer Communities in Crypto? | Decrypt —

There’s Certified Fair Trade Coffee, So How About Certified and Persistent NFTs? | CoinDesk —


Sam Williams’ appearance Non Fungible Podcast (NFP) with DKleine

Pay Once and Store Data Forever on Arweave with Sam Williams | The Delphi Podcast with Tom Shaunessey and Can Gurel —

The Secrets of Token Design: Proof of Access and Profit Sharing Mechanisms with Sam Williams | Outlier Ventures podcast —

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See you on the permaweb!


A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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