Arweave Autumn 2018 Update — N.1.5 Release Approaches!

Today we’re very pleased to share the Arweave Autumn 2018 update. Here, we will give you an overview of what we have been focused on recently, and which exciting new developments and releases are right around the corner.

Arweave version 1.5 is coming very soon!

After a Herculean effort from our development team, the Arweave network version 1.5 is nearing release! This version builds considerably on the initial main network release, refining a large portion of the codebase and delivering much faster data access, a more resilient network, and a smoother, more efficient experience for our mining community! This has been the focus on our dev team’s work since mainnet launch (we just passed over 1000 commits to our open source GitHub repository!) so we’re really excited to get this shipped. Looking forward, the team is also starting to make plans for the N.2.0 release, the first protocol upgrade for the Arweave network.

Miners should expect to see a test version available to use very soon — we will contact everyone on our mining mailing list when it becomes available. To sign up to the mining mailing list, drop us an email at, and we will also send you a copy of the ‘getting started’ mining guide.

Block explorer release later this week

The first external Arweave block explorer will be released later this week! The explorer has been in internal beta for a while now, and we’re very excited to share it with you all as it moves into its public beta phase this week. With a sleek, simple user interface, range of features, and efficient user experience, we think you’ll love it.

Stay tuned to our Telegram announcements channel here to be notified of its release!

New and improved Arweave web extension wallet

Soon we’ll be pushing out a major update to the Arweave web extension, offering our community a wide range of new features, a sleeker user interface, and overall making it more robust and even easier to use.

Here are some sneak peeks of the new user interfaces…

Thank you to those who offered feedback and feature suggestions — we appreciate you taking the time to contribute to the project, and we believe you will be very pleased with the new extension! We look forward to hearing your future feedback, too — keep in touch!

We’ve been spreading the message of Arweave across the world!

Our CEO Sam Williams recently delivered great talks about Arweave and our new technological advancements at Dezentral in Berlin, and Blockchain UA in Kiev, and gave a range of interviews with exciting individuals and organisations. Follow us on Twitter for links to all videos, articles, and appearances as they are released!

Arweave CEO Sam Williams alongside leaders of Zilliqa, Parity Technology’s Polkadot, Zen Protocol, and FOAM Protocol for the Dezentral Special Purpose Blockchains panel discussion.

Our CEO has several more upcoming appearances soon, including with The Blockchain Society in Berlin, and presenting Arweave at a blockchain developer meetup for Blockchain Week in San Francisco in October. Stay tuned to our Twitter or Telegram announcements channel to hear more. We sincerely hope we’ll see many of our community members there — looking forward to chatting with you!

The ArchiveIt! permanent backup app progresses

Our team continues to work on new features and UX/UI improvements for Arweave’s own file storage and backup app. The permanent backup system will allow everyone to use AR tokens to simply and permanently store their files on the blockweave. Never worry about losing family photos or important notes again!

Our strong team is growing even stronger

We recently took on four new employees, and we are looking to fill two further roles in the near future. Our team is still small, but we are relentlessly pushing forward and continuing to prioritise concrete products, milestones, and achievements above all else. We’re looking forward to having more team members to help us achieve our ambitious goals!

Decentralised Public Library initiative launching soon

Later this week we will be releasing details of a brand new initiative as part of the wider Arweave project — the Decentralised Public Library! The DPL will work to fulfil Arweave’s long-term goal of building a permanent, verifiable, and censorship-resistant archive of human history and knowledge by collaborating with a wide range of institutions and individuals. DPL will be laser-focused on storing unique or vulnerable information on the Arweave, building up the permanent store of data and the backbone of the new immutaweb. This is part of our long term mission for making Arweave humanity’s go-to store of valuable information for many generations to come.

Further information about the DPL is coming soon! Stay tuned to us here on Medium for all the latest news.

As always, thanks for being part of the Arweave community! Keep in touch via email, in our Telegram group, and on our dedicated Discord server. To hear all the latest Arweave news, follow us here on Medium, and join us on Twitter!


A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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