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The Arweave Open Web Incubator: Demo Day 2020

After 6 weeks of intense engineering, building, and collaborating, on August 14th we celebrated the Open Web Incubator 2020 Demo Day! Ten top permaweb projects showcased their work for a chance to receive a part of the $100,000 investment pool from Arweave, plus potential additional investment from top VC firms. Held just 8 weeks after the launch of SmartWeave, and only 2 weeks after the launch of profit-sharing communities, we were blown away by the innovative and diverse projects making amazing use of these technologies.

You can catch the full Demo Day event on YouTube, and read much more about all the featured projects in our latest blog post. Learn more about the incubator projects presented at Demo Day below:


ArDrive is a private, secure, decentralized, pay-as-you-go, censorship-resistant and permanent data storage solution for everyone.

Watch ArDrive’s Demo Day presentation here.


Verto is a decentralized profit-sharing token exchange for Arweave. Anyone can host their own trading post and power the exchange, while also being incentivized to do so.

Watch Verto’s Demo Day presentation here.


Limestone is a data ecosystem for decentralised finance, offering a solution for financial data storage and processing with efficient querying, and permanent availability.

Watch Limestone’s Demo Day presentation here.


The Evermore app allows you to store your data in the blockchain… Forever! Evermore is designed to be a drop in replacement for apps like Dropbox and OneDrive, while allowing users to avoid monthly subscription costs and pay just once to store their data.

Watch Evermore’s Demo Day presentation here.


Nest.Land is an immutable module registry for Deno on the blockweave, now with over 100 packages! Combining Deno with the Arweave, Nest.Land users can publish their Deno modules to the permaweb, where they can never be deleted.

Watch Nest.Land’s Demo Day presentation here.


Non-Zone is the global storytelling map for experiential and solo-travelers. Non-Zone’s solution uses storytelling, geo-fencing and the blockweave to create a profit-sharing marketplace of stories, a sort of global map of “special places”.

Watch Non-Zone’s Demo Day presentation here.


With ArGo you can deploy your permaweb app or site in just one click! ArGo also maintains app versions and tracking logs in one place, immutably, ensuring they are never lost.

Watch ArGo’s Demo Day presentation here.


Outpost provides a platform to create online communities owned by the users themselves. With Outpost, users can create internet-native publishing companies with a familiar user experience.

Watch Outpost’s Demo Day presentation here.

Open Bits

OpenBits utilises Arweave’s profit-sharing token technology to enable developers of open source packages to earn from their publications.

Watch OpenBits’ Demo Day presentation here.


With WeaveID, you can “login” to your Arweave wallet using an email address & password- just like a normal app! WeaveID can be integrated with existing permaweb apps to provide a frictionless onboarding and login experience for users.

Watch WeaveID’s Demo Day presentation here.

There are many more amazing incubator projects in addition to those presented on Demo Day:


Dgit is a platform offering decentralised, permanent storage of your code repositories. An immutable GitHub-style platform, when using dgit you never have to worry about losing access to repos.


Reave is a decentralised story and article publishing platform powered by the permaweb. Offering a sleek user experience for authors and readers alike, readers can also tip their favourite authors to support their work.


Credence is a permaweb app designed to enable notarisation services on the blockweave and immutable access to notarised documents such as contracts, legal documents, leases, and more.

If you’d like to read more about profit sharing communities, you can do so here.

New on the permaweb


Create and manage your permaweb community with Community.XYZ, the profit-sharing community platform. Community.XYZ is a fully decentralized website and SmartWeave contract built on top of Arweave, which allows you to vote, govern, own, and interact with your community, whilst receiving profit-sharing token incentives.

Community.XYZ also offers a job board where members of profit-sharing communities can post funded work opportunities for developers, marketers, designers, and so much more to improve their community and permaweb apps!

Arweave Swift SDK

A lightweight Swift client for the Arweave blockchain, providing type safety for interacting with the Arweave API.

More dApp user interfaces ported to Arweave:

This month, the following dapp UIs were ported to Arweave:, DeFis Network, Bancor Swap, Band Protocol, and Gnosis Multisig Wallet.

Got a dapp UI you want to port? Head over to the Github issue to get involved now!

Community initiatives

Call for Founders: Disrupt the music industry with the permaweb and profit sharing tokens

This opportunity is for founders to receive investment in their ownerless BandCamp-like music platform on the permaweb, where revenue sharing is effortless and participants are incentivised to find and share great music with others. The platform will integrate profit-sharing tokens as a tipping mechanism, which are generated and initially owned by the artist, providing immediate access to their profits.

Excitingly, the top three submissions for this opportunity will receive an investment from the Arweave core team in their brand new decentralised music platform! This will allow founders to build upon their success, bring their platform to a wider audience, and truly build their app into a fully-fledged business.

To find out more about the criteria, reward structure, featureset and much more, head over to the Github hackathon page.

Arweave + SKALE Bridge Interoperability Hack: Winners

Last month, Arweave and SKALE created a Gitcoin bounty aimed at integrating Arweave as the permanent data storage layer for the SKALE protocol. A grant worth $10,000 has been awarded to builder JasoonS for this submission. Congratulations, and great work!

Arweave in the wild

Learn all about profit-sharing communities in a talk by Arweave Founder Sam Williams, plus discover how the ecosystem around PSTs and PSCs can benefit your permaweb app:

How black artists & collectors can leverage blockchain to democratize the digital art world, using Arweave & NFTs:

See you on the permaweb!




A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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The Arweave Project

The Arweave Project

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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