Arweave News: July

Arweave + Internet Archive: Building a verifiable record of history

This month we shared an exciting new Arweave initiative supporting the vital work of the Internet Archive, the non-profit organisation behind the famous Wayback Machine project. We are utilising the unique features of the Arweave network to ensure cryptographically verifiable and fault tolerant access to the Internet Archive’s data. Head over to our blog to read more. You can also check out The Block’s article about our collaboration here, and a conversation between Arweave’s Sam Williams and Internet Archive’s Brewster Kahle on the a16z podcast here.

New on the permaweb is an immutable package registry and CDN for Deno, powered by Arweave. It’s now possible to publish your Deno modules to the permaweb, where they can never be deleted — avoiding a major pitfall for web-based module imports while allowing the developer to maximize on the potential of Deno’s import design.

Also this month, decentralised licensing management platform built and released an Arweave Ruby SDK. This means that you can now build applications using Ruby and easily integrate them with Arweave. Head over to the Github repo to find out more.

Prometeus recently announced that Arweave will be used as the primary storage for Ignite, their unstoppable, decentralized microblogging service!

The Prometeus team estimates that Ignite will generate over 100,000 monthly transactions on the Arweave network. Read more about how and why Ignite uses Arweave here. If you’d like to follow Arweave on Ignite, simply head here to sign up and subscribe to our feed!

A Compound community member recently ported the Compound dashboard to the permaweb, meaning that you can now access this interface forever! Compound Founder, Robert Leshner, offered his thanks to the developer who completed the port.

Along with the Compound user interface, many other UIs have also been ported to Arweave this month, ensuring that they will remain permanently accessible for all users. These ported projects include: Synthetix Exchange, Tokenlon, KyberSwap, UniSwap, Oasis App, and

Community initiatives

There are just under two weeks left to register and submit your perma-projects in the 6-week long Open Web Incubator hosted in partnership with Gitcoin. There’s still time to get involved! Head over to the registration page now and submit your build for the chance of winning a slice of the $100,000 we will invest in the best PST-backed permaweb apps.

So far we’ve seen awesome community hangout sessions, presentations from amazing industry professionals, and most recently, a sneak peek of projects from incubator participants. Catch up on the latest events with this YouTube Open Web Incubator playlist.

To read more about the Open Web Incubator, head over to our blog.

This week we teamed up with Solana to launch a bounty on Gitcoin for the creation of an Arweave <> Solana interoperability bridge.

Solana is a high-performance blockchain capable of delivering up to 50,000 transactions per second. When running at full capacity, the Solana network generates 4 petabytes of data per year, all of which needs to be reliably accessible far into the future. This bridge will allow Solana to utilise Arweave for permanent data storage. To find out more and join the bounty, check out the Gitcoin bounty page now.

For the Port a dApp UI bounty, we will now be using a combination of dappradar and stateofthedapps to validate the number of users the dApp you ported has. Rewards for porting dApp UIs will now be based on the ranking of the dApp itself. We are now offering 1,000 DAI for 1st place, 900 DAI for 2nd place, 800 DAI for 3rd place, and so on. Head over to the Gitcoin bounty page to port a dApp now!


With the previous release of Arweave 2.1, we introduced an upgraded transaction format, effectively lifting the limit on the amount of data you can write in a transaction. We’re pleased to announce that both the gateway and our JavaScript SDK now provide full support for this functionality.

As a result, we’ve already begun to see much larger files uploaded to the network, like a 386MB Debian ISO, and this 100MB PDF from the North American Cartographic Information Society (warning: large download links!).

Arweave in the wild

Arweave aims to make the Internet Archive’s data accessible forever:

a16z Podcast: Preserving Digital History: How to Close the Web’s ‘Memory Hole’:

Arweave announced as the new primary storage layer for Ignite, a nonprofit decentralized microblogging service built on Prometeus protocol:

Arweave and Gitcoin team up to award $100,000 via an ‘Open Web’ incubator:

Catch Sam discussing ‘Finding Product Market Fit in Web 3’ with other panelists, at Diffusion Digital:

Sam Williams discusses the importance of storing NFT data on a decentralised network:

See you on the permaweb!



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