Collectable NFT Art on Arweave

We’re excited to welcome a number of NFT and collectable art projects that have recently integrated with Arweave, adopting the network for their permanent storage backend.


Scarce.City is a newly launched marketplace selling authentic items, which are recorded and tied to a blockchain. Customers gain from verifiable supply and authenticity, and the first sale was recently completed with the very cool OPSEC Facemask.


InfiNFT is a newly launched NFT minting platform for artists, with all token metadata and media stored fully on-chain for the first time with Arweave, Ethereum, and IPFS. The InfiNFT alpha launch which took place on Saturday 30th May 2020, already featured some of the most well known artists in the NFT space! is a premier minting platform for NFTs of all varieties. Mintbase have integrated with Arweave, using the network as the storage layer for the media and metadata that are a critical part of their NFTs — making them fully on-chain and permanent. Find out more about why they chose Arweave, and their future plans for fully decentralized NFT minting experience here.

Machi X DAO

Machi X DAO is a collective of artists and patrons, commissioning and trading digital art. Running as a member-directed DAO, Machi X recently held the sale of their Inaugural NFTs, which are all mined and stored on the Arweave permaweb. Read about the philosophy behind the DAO in their announcement post here.

Learn more about NFT permanence with Arweave in this blog post.

New on the permaweb

Crypto Kombat

Assemble your portfolio army and join the crypto battle with Crypto Kombat. Each day, ‘armies’ can compete to win 10 AR, by choosing 5 crypto coins that they believe will be the best-performing over a period of 24hrs. Choose a rock, paper, scissor flag for extra bonus points. Create your army now — may the best portfolio win!

Gitcoin Hackathon: Winning Submissions

Last month, to coincide with NYC Blockchain Week, we joined and sponsored the Gitcoin virtual hackathon where hackers around the world competed to build projects that contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. The winning submissions are as follows:

Build A WeaveMail Client

Winning Submission: Weve

By: Anish Agnihotri

With Weve, you can send messages to anybody with an Arweave address, and ensure that all messages are encrypted, and uncensorable. Features include: simple mail composer with standard formatting options, image attachment, save drafts, address book, mobile responsive layouts, and more! Head over to Weve and start messaging now.

Decentralized CDN Uploader

Winning Submission: Webpack-Arweave

By Bonifaty

The Webpack-Arweave CDN uploader plugin allows you to easily upload assets to Arweave permaweb.

Immutable NPM Packages

Winning Submission: Immutable NPM

By wildcards-world

Immutable NPM is a super simple npm wrapper that installs packages from Arweave.

Community initiatives


This month, the ARCA DAO completed their first new members enrollment and have informed us that they’re planning to offer small to medium sized grants, which they’ll be revealing more about in June. Stay up to date with the ARCA DAO over at their Discord channel.

Permaweb Puzzles

Community puzzle master Tiamat is back with a bunch of new brain teasers and this time, there are three puzzles with a total of 900 AR and 1 ETH up for grabs. For active puzzles, questions and clues, head over to @ArweaveP.

Community spotlight

Get to know more about the people behind the hacking and learn what motivates our community of developers to join, build, and share their creations within the permaweb. In our first team community spotlight, we caught up with the people behind — a dead man’s switch and smart contracting network hosted on Arweave, allowing users to create a general purpose, self-sovereign, digital dead man’s switch.

Arweave in the wild

Arweave’s Sam Williams discusses cryptoeconomics & incentive engineering for a16z’s Crypto Startup School in this TechCrunch article & video:

Sam William’s speaks to Epicenter about Arweave, information, and more:

How Arweave’s Permaweb Cheaply Hosts Sites & Apps Forever:

The Arweave protocol mentioned in ‘Virtual Influencers as Virtual Artists in the Metaverse’:

Grants & funding

There are lots of exciting projects in the pipeline for the Arweave Boost and Arweave Grants programs:

  • Memex: A privacy focused extension to annotate, search and organize websites and annotations, and store them on the permaweb.

Got an amazing idea? Apply for Boost or Grants now.

See you on the permaweb!

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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