The Open Web Fellowship Demo Day & Pitch Day

We’re already halfway through the Open Web Fellowship! Therefore we’re rapidly approaching the programme’s two final capstone events, which we encourage everyone to join us for. Act quickly to secure your place by registering here to attend Demo Day, and registering here to attend Pitch Day!

Demo Day, on the 24th of November, will feature a select group of alumni from previous Arweave programs who are entering growth mode, and primarily focusing on user adoption. Pitch Day will take place on the 1st of December, and is tailored to Open Web Fellowship projects earlier in their development cycle. Both events will provide projects the opportunity to showcase their projects, pitching to attract new team members, users, and potential investment.

If you’re a founder or builder who wants to participate in the Fellowship programme and potentially receive part of the $100,000 investment pool available from the core team, you can register for the programme on Gitcoin today!

To avoid missing out on upcoming Fellowship events and updates, make sure to join us on Discord and follow us on Twitter. Videos of previous Fellowship live sessions can be found here in our Fellowship YouTube playlist.

New on the Permaweb

ArDrive: Beta Launch & Token Distribution Event

ArDrive, the ‘Dropbox-style’ permaweb app offering secure, permanent file storage, recently launched its beta. ArDrive’s launch was reported on by Coindesk, too — congratulations to the ArDrive team! You can start using ArDrive today here.

Also, take note: Early adopters of ArDrive have the opportunity to earn ArDrive profit sharing tokens simply by storing data! You can learn much more in this video, and the associated presentation slides.

Gitopia Launch: Decentralising Source Control

Last week, the Arweave profit sharing community launched their webapp! Gitopia offers permanent storage of your code repositories, making sure those who rely on the repo will not lose access to it, or suffer due to malicious alterations. The Gitopia team joined us recently to discuss their journey so far & their exciting next steps, check out the session here!

You can join Gitopia’s Discord server here to meet the team & chat with other early adopters.

Verto Exchange: Update

Verto, the leading profit sharing token exchange, has recently released an assortment of exciting new features and tools. Verto Library allows you to integrate buying and selling of profit sharing tokens on Verto within your dapp itself, and in only three lines of code! Meanwhile, Verto Statistics grants the ability to embed key Verto data (such as volume or price data) into other permaweb dapps. The Verto team recently also launched Astatine, providing profit sharing community founders with a way to distribute tokens to users of their permaweb apps, in order to reward them for early adoption and beta testing! Also this month, Verto added a dark mode, caching of SmartWeave contract states and Arweave transaction data, plus trading support for custom profit sharing tokens.

Stay up to date with Verto developments by following the team on Twitter, or by joining their Discord server.

communityXYZ: Update

communityXYZ is the profit sharing community hub, where you can create, govern, and grow your community.

In this latest release, identicons have been added, plus communities can add their social media handles. CommunityXYZ is also now integrated with Verto, the profit sharing token exchange, meaning you can buy and tokens from Verto directly on communityXYZ! Check it out here, follow communityXYZ on Twitter here, and join the Discord server here.

ArGo: Alpha Release

Recently, permaweb deployment platform and Open Web Incubator alum ArGo shared their first alpha release! ArGo makes deploying to the permaweb simpler and easier than ever, now providing enhanced team collaboration opportunities, Github login, two-step deployment, real-time logs, and more. Head over to ArGo and check it out for yourself:, or you can check out a live demo and interface walkthrough in this video.

The ArGo team would love to hear feedback and suggestions about your experience with the alpha — you can contact them on Discord.

Sworn 1.0: Clarity smart contracts on Arweave

This month, community developer Arto introduced Sworn: Clarity language support for SmartWeave. Sworn compiles smart contracts written in the safe, decidable Clarity language into SmartWeave-compatible contracts that run on Arweave. You can view a short demo of the current version here.


Winner of the ‘Call for founders: Disrupt the music industry with the permaweb and profit sharing tokens’ bounty, community member Ivan presents BΔNDPLΔY: An ownerless music platform, a mesh of quasi-independent, artist-coupled tracks within a profit-sharing community.

Ethereum dApp user interfaces ported to Arweave in October:

This month, the following dapp UIs were ported to Arweave: Rarible, CORE Vault, Value DeFi, and LuaSwap.

Got a dapp UI you want to port? Head over to the Github issue to get involved now!

Get Involved

Complete your first profit sharing community contribution!

There are a wide range of possible ways for you to contribute to a growing profit sharing community, from full stack development, to video creation, to logo design, and beyond! For completing these opportunities on communityXYZ, you will earn profit sharing tokens. Plus, for the duration of this Gitcoin bounty, the core Arweave team will offer you an additional reward for successfully completing your very first communityXYZ opportunity! Check out the full details here.


Arweave N.

This month saw the release of Arweave N. The core of this release is an update to the protocol that allows for efficient incorporation of an arbitrarily large number of wallets in the network. Alongside this, the update includes various performance improvements. See the release notes for full details:


GraphQL is now live on! The core API is up and running, allowing you to efficiently query transactions, blocks, and data bundles. Any integrations using can now move over to, benefiting from additional stability. Try it out now over on the GraphQL playground, where you can also find the schema and docs:

Additional documentation is on the way, but in the meantime we offer a special thanks to community member @TheLoneRōnin for setting up some documentation and sample queries:

Arweave in the Wild

Profit Sharing Communities: A Deep Dive by Arweave, featured on CoinMarketCap —

The Decentralized Storage War: Filecoin vs. Arweave

Google says crypto startup Arweave is being targeted by government-backed hackers. Execs look to China

Arweave Founder Sam Williams’ perspective on potential attacks on the network by the Chinese government in this Twitter thread

Learn how open source social network platform Minds, utilises the Arweave permaweb to provide permanent backups of posts on their platform —

Arweave Founder Sam Williams recently hosted a Quora Q&A session, answering questions on decentralised social media, Web 3.0 startup funding models, the permaweb, blockchain, and beyond

The Arweave community in China have been representing Arweave at a decentralised storage summit this month —

Don’t forget to follow us over on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest events and news here!

See you on the permaweb!


A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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