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3 min readOct 7, 2020


Announcing the Arweave Open Web Fellowship: $100,000 Investment for Profit Sharing Communities!

We recently wrapped up the Arweave Open Web Incubator, which resulted in a wave of more than 15 outstanding new profit sharing communities (PSCs) being launched. Now, 9 of these projects have been exploring funding options with world-leading venture capital funds, and 7 of these are finalising their first fundraising rounds! Read more about the recent PSC ecosystem developments here.

To support this powerful momentum, yesterday we proudly announced our next ecosystem development initiative: The Arweave Open Web Fellowship.

The Fellowship programme will act as an accelerant to the PSC ecosystem, offering $100,000 in investment to both new and existing communities. A wide range of tailored support will be provided to all projects, including: expert masterclasses, individual mentorship and guidance, plus a Demo Day for showcasing your PSCs and attracting new users, contributors, and potential investors.

Make sure to register on Gitcoin, join us on Discord, and follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss out on programme events!

New on the permaweb

Sworn: Clarity language support for SmartWeave

We recently joined forces with Blockstack to launch a bounty calling for proposals to enable the Clarity smart contract programming language on SmartWeave, the Arweave smart contract protocol. Developer Arto went above and beyond, launching Sworn’s first prototype this month, also receiving a Stacks grant to support his efforts. By November, Arto plans to integrate Sworn with Ethereum too. You can join the Sworn Discord community here.


As of this month, all commits from the main Arweave repo & our ArweaveJS repo will now be immutably time stamped with Gitstamp. Gitstamp is a specification and service for timestamping git commits using the Arweave permaweb. By timestamping Git commits permanently and immutably on Arweave, it is provable that a particular commit was created no later than at the time when it was timestamped.



Check out the communityXYZ opportunities board, where lots of profit-sharing communities have posted opportunities for developers, marketers, designers, and more to contribute to their community and permaweb apps. Submissions are rewarded in the communities’ profit sharing tokens! Around 30 opportunities have been posted this month, from projects including Verto, ArDrive, OpenBits, ArGo, and dGit.


communityXYZ recently added a new Communities page, where you can browse all the profit sharing communities in the Arweave ecosystem! Check it out here to see the wide variety of use cases available today.

You can also build your very own profit sharing community directly on communityXYZ here.

More dApp user interfaces ported to Arweave:

This month, the following dapp UIs were ported to Arweave: SushiSwap, UniSwap V2, Yearn.Finance.

Got a dapp UI you want to port? Head over to the Github issue to get involved now!

Listing on Huobi

This month AR, Arweave’s native token, was listed on Huobi Global! Trading, deposits, and withdrawals are now live for these trading pairs: AR/BTC, AR/ETH, and AR/USDT. As with any exchange or trading platform, we encourage everyone to exercise caution, send test transactions, and only use platforms that you trust.

Community initiatives

Complete your first profit sharing community contribution!

By contributing work to a profit sharing community, builders, marketers, and infrastructure operators can earn profit sharing tokens, which represent rights to the future earnings of the apps they contribute to. This initiative is offering a reward to community members who make their first contribution to a profit sharing community via communityXYZ. You can see the contribution opportunities currently available in the ecosystem here. For full details about the initiative, head over to the Github issue.

Arweave in the wild

Blockcast: Arweave’s potential is to revive the Library of Alexandria, not a Filecoin alternative:, a Deno module registry, leverages the Arweave permaweb:

Binance blog: learn how Prometeus’ Ignite social media platform utilises the Arweave network:

See you on the permaweb!



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