This month the team have been out and about spreading the message of decentralisation and bringing Arweave to even more communities worldwide. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been achieving!


Arweave internal hackathon:

Firstly, we ran an internal hackathon within the Arweave team itself. The idea was to stress-test the dApp developer experience and see how we can improve it for others, in turn accelerating developers’ adoption of Arweave. While doing so, we built a number of cool, fully functional Arweave dApps ourselves, including ‘weavemail’, a decentralised email service! Click here to find out more and see if you are one of the lucky few who can use weavemail to win some free tokens…


Next, we sponsored ETHParis — an ETHGlobal hackathon — and helped teams compete to build the best brand new, innovative dApps using Arweave for decentralised storage. Head over to our blog to read more about our findings and see what some of the Ethereum community built!

On-going: NuCypher virtual hackathon

After ETHParis, we were very excited to be invited to join NuCypher’s tech stack for their on-going virtual hackathon! Check out our introductory video on how this works now. NuCypher is a proxy re-encryption scheme for building a privacy infrastructure for data handling in decentralised applications. If you want to get involved with the community and get hacking an Arweave+NuCypher app, why not check it out here. They have a generous grand prize on offer, too!

[Challenges, Competitions & Rewards]

We are offering 1000 AR for the best Zapier <> Arweave integration. Check out out our blog post for more details, and to find out what you can build in under five minutes without any code at all.

The first 100 people who send a weavemail will receive 10 AR! Be sure not to miss out, there are loads of weavemails flying around the permaweb already! Find out how to send and receive weavemail in our blog post here.

[Permaweb Adoption Spotlight]


As you may have heard earlier this month, we recently announced teaming up with Everipedia, a wiki-based encyclopedia involving founders from Wikipedia and Everipedia is the largest online English encyclopedia, modernised and re-designed for the digital age; it is similar to Wikipedia except all information is stored and incentivised on a blockchain, without restrictive page creation policies. Arweave will provide the data storage for Everipedia, preserving this vast wealth of information forever on the permaweb. Find out more here.

[Arweave In the wild]

Come meet us and stay up to date on latest talks from Sam and the team:

Sam, our CEO, recently appeared on the excellent Zero Knowledge podcast, with Parity CTO Fredrik Harrysson to deep dive into decentralised storage, the incentives we harness to achieve this, and much more!

At Token2049 in Hong Kong, Sam presented a wide array of Arweave dApps to a packed crowd. One of these novel dApps was weavemail, the decentralised, immutable email service! You can try this out for yourself today at:

This month Arweave was invited back to Blockchain UA, in Kiev, Ukraine for the third time! There, we showcased how the permaweb can be used to battle for freedom of information in countries where this is currently under threat. We’ll be sharing a video of this talk, so keep an eye out for this soon!

Coming up soon on the 3rd of April, Sam will be speaking at Landing Festival, Berlin, when he will be live coding on the permaweb! Be sure to join us if you can — tickets are still available at the festival website (


Now you’re up to date with what kind of web applications are being seamlessly built on the permaweb, we’d love to hear what our community has been building, or wishes to build in the near future. If you’ve any feedback on our tools, get in touch at


A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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