April at Arweave has seen us focus on network updates and community initiatives. Here is the latest:


🎉 Since we last updated you in February this year, the number of nodes in the network has grown by 184%! 🎉

[Community builds]

Our awesome community have been busy building apps on the permaweb. Check out some of their integrations:

Chronobot: A visual representation of Arweave network statistics

[built by Discord member: @tiamat]

WeaveWatcher: Generates a preview of new transactions on Arweave

[built by Discord member: @Mazzz]

Arweave Archiver: Tweets each time a new web page is archived on Arweave

[built by Discord member: @theoxys]

Arweave Whale Watch:
Automatically Tweets whenever a large volume of tokens are moved across the Arweave network

[built by Discord member: @crypto]

Wanna get involved? Why not check out our docs, or get started building a Zapier+Arweave app in less than 3 minutes!

[Learn more]

Hackernoon: Avoiding consumer lock-in with the decentralised web

Blockonomi: Arweave permaweb guide

Good Audience: Incentives vs Contracts

[In the wild]

Blockchain UA: Showcasing the permaweb in Ukraine
Token2049: Here, we present a wide array of Arweave dApps
Loki <> Arweave: Sam chats to Loki’s Simon Harman about SILO

[Have your say]

If you have a minute to take part in our super short survey, we’d love to hear more about what you’d like to see from Arweave in the coming months.

As we move towards further community initiatives and adoption of the network in the coming weeks and months, we look forward to bringing you more updates and seeing what awesome projects are being built on the permaweb!

See you on the permaweb:

https://weavemail.app/ | Address: vLRHFqCw1uHu75xqB4fCDW-QxpkpJxBtFD9g4QYUbfw

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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