Arweave Newsletter: December

[Community initiatives]

Announcing the first community-run Arweave ecosystem fund DAO

Play your part in deciding how resources for the Arweave ecosystem development should be allocated, with our first community fund DAO. Until now, much of the ecosystem adoption efforts have been centrally controlled by the organisations and individuals that founded the Arweave Project. Our mission has always been to encourage and support community ownership and decentralisation, therefore we are excited to announce our first experiment in decentralising ideas within the ecosystem development, and launching our first community find DAO! Have your say and apply now.

Active hackathons:

Build and run a Permafeed: Data Feed Archiving Competition

1st place 1000 DAI | 4 Runner ups 250 DAI

Deadline: 15th January

This contest is to build and run a bot that will archive a data stream for a month (or as long as you can, if you start later). The data can be anything you like but will be judged on its potential usefulness to others. Find out more here.

Readable Web Service

Prize: 1200 DAI

Deadline: 15th January

The goal of this competition is to build a service that is easy for users to paste a URL into and get back a shareable link that has only the article, blog post, or other primary content in a clean and pleasant format, with the unnecessary parts removed. Find out more here.

Stay tuned for more upcoming hackathons on our bounties GitHub portal.

[New on the permaweb]

Long-time community puzzle master Tiamat is back with two new puzzles for you to dive into! Both puzzles are guaranteed to twist your brain, however the format of puzzle #9 is slightly different to previous puzzles — everything needed to crack this code is hidden in the image. Puzzle #8 can be unlocked by entering the correct answer into each field.

Puzzle #8: | 400 AR

Puzzle #9: — NRFY3naNwTlxBSRjzDPNUq-Cn1yLG2RmgGHZem9c | 100 DAI

As ever, clues can be requested by contacting Tiamat on Weavemail: ZQuGMtKrSxMQKw5EWcBQ4khWObI6ajfWmUo1xwTUw2s

In 2019 we embarked on an exciting journey with the Arweave developer community and welcomed over 150 new awesome and inspiring web applications on the permaweb. We saw a diverse range of platforms come to fruition — from discussion forums, content publishing platforms and a peer-to-peer browser; to beat makers, meme generators, and classic desktop games. To celebrate our thriving ecosystem, we look back on some of this year’s highlights and showcase our our top ten community creations, chosen by the Arweave team. Head over to our blog to find our 2019 permaweb highlights.

[Community spotlight]

Ever wondered who’s behind all the awesome apps being built on the permaweb?! With our community spotlight series, you can get to know a little more about the people behind the hacking and learn what motivates them to join, build, and share their creations within the permaweb. In our most recent series you can meet Merwane: student by day, developer by night, and creator of Grimore and Permabird.

We also welcome Aidan to the Arweave developer advocate team — Aidan began as a community developer, building Decent-a-Forums and Permapaste, and now Aidan joins us with his top-notch skills to spread the word of Arweave.

If you’re a permaweb developer and would like to take part in our upcoming community spotlight series, drop us a line!


In the last month of 2019, the amount of monthly transactions grew by 132% compared to November, while monthly data upload increased by 29%.

[Arweave in the wild]

Arweave was featured in as one of the few Web3 protocols that will play a key role in 2020:

Watch Sam speaking at this year’s Fall 2019 Multicoin summit, as he explores the mathematics that enables permanent data storage:


November 1st — February 16th 2020 | Future of Blockchain

Beginning on November 1st, the Future of Blockchain hackathon has been travelling to universities in Cambridge, Oxford, London, and Berlin, on a mission to educate and discover new talent in the developer and entrepreneurial space. Follow the event here.

See you on the permaweb!

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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