[Open web hackathon]

This month we saw an explosion of new apps and activity in the permaweb eco system. As an ongoing initiative, we’ve decided to run a perpetual open-web hackathon, whereby community members — old and new — can build and submit permaweb apps and gain a hackathon prize. To find out more about our open-web hackathon, head over to our Gitcoin page.

Here are just some of the exciting apps that we have welcomed in the last month:

Scribe is an article publishing platform inspired by platforms such as Medium andSteemit.

[built by @Benjo]

Querweave is a permaweb Quora-like question & answer platform. It is currently looking for a new name, help choose one here!
[built by @NewestName]

Archive is a permaweb explorer. Find out what other people are archiving right now on the blockweave!

[built by @Zeus]

EdLock securely time locks your files on the permaweb with threshold encryption and collusion resistant mechanism design.

[built by @JustMaier, with input from Vitalik Buterin at ETH NYC!]

Arweave ID is ArweaveID is a permaweb identity service. Claim your permaweb username today, or link up your email address, Twitter handle, ETH address, and Discord ID!

[built by @NewestName]

Message in a bottle stores an encrypted copy of the message you write & publish onto the permaweb. Someday, that encryption will probably be broken — permanently, publicly, publishing your message to the world.Head over to the ArweaveApps index (a permaweb app itself) built by @Zeus and discover all apps published on the permaweb. It’s a great place to start exploring what people are building.

[Community challenge]

Feeling smart today?! Last week, our long-time community member @Tiamat set a puzzle on the permaweb, with 1000 AR encrypted inside the page. Within just 8 hrs, the first puzzle was solved, seeing over 200 entrants and dozens of Weavemails sent in search for clues. The second puzzle was solved a day later, and now, the 3rd puzzle has just been posted. Get involved now!

To request clues, drop Tiamat a line onWeavemail: ZQuGMtKrSxMQKw5EWcBQ4khWObI6ajfWmUo1xwTUw2s


Since our last newsletter, the number of nodes in the network has grown again, this time by 32% 🚀 Find out how to join them here >>>

[Learn more]

Towards an Open Source Web:
Arweave’s permaweb enables the creation of a brand new type of web app ecosystem that is not organised around companies, but around open source software. The consequences of this for the new web could be enormous, resulting in a far better user experience for all.

The Open Permaweb Hackathon:
Since we launched the permaweb back in January this year, we have seen just how immensely powerful hackathons can be to bring more people into the Arweave permaweb community and to get new permaweb apps built quickly!

[In the wild]

Blockchain Brad: New exclusive interview with Sam discussing all-things Arweave

Zero Knowledge Podcast: Here, we discuss our novel approach to decentralised storage

DPL Youtube Series: Find out more about the Decentralised Public Library

See you on the permaweb:

Got feedback or suggestions? Drop us a line at: https://weavemail.app/ Address: vLRHFqCw1uHu75xqB4fCDW-QxpkpJxBtFD9g4QYUbfw

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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