Earlier today, TechCrunch broke the news that a16z crypto, Union Square Ventures and Multicoin Capital, world-leading venture capital firms, have joined our community of long-term Arweave token holders. Check out our latest blog post to find out, what Sam had to say about this.

Check out blog posts from USV and Multicoin Capital to hear what they have to say about Arweave!


In our ongoing initiative to support growth within the permaweb ecosystem, we’ve partnered with DevPost to bring you the ‘Building the permaweb’ online hackathon. The deadline is 11th Nov — start hacking to be in for the chance of winning from a prize pool of $5,000 in ETH, plus: AR bonuses, Arweave SWAG, and more!

Head over to DevPost now and make sure you’ve completed the checklist.

[New on the permaweb]

Here are some highlights of the awesome new apps built on the permaweb this month:

📌 Arweave Board

Winner of the recent Decentralized Discussion Board bounty, Arweave board is a forum that allows for a broad range of discussion around a number of topics, also with the option to create new categories. Jump in now and join the conversation!

🗣️ Decent-a-Forums

Coming in as a close runner up next to Arweave Board, Decent-a-Forums showcases a minimal easy-to-navigate discussion board with listed categories and super cool ASCII animations. Check out what’s happening and create your own forum.

🗑️ Weavebin

Weavebin is a decentralized pastebin alternative on the permaweb. Features include: authentication w/ Arweave keyfile, post pastes to the decentralized arweave blockchain, set a title, syntax highlighting, view recent posts, and more features proposed for the future.

🔍 Ar-Inspector

Surf the weave with Ar-Inspector: a tool to monitor and inspect transactions on the permaweb. Features allow you to create content-type filters, set desktop notifications for certain tags and data types, keyword filtering, and more! Explore what people are building by heading over to Arweave Apps!

[Community spotlight]

Ever wondered who’s behind all the awesome apps being built on the permaweb?! With our community spotlight series, you can get to know a little more about the people behind the hacking and learn what motivates them to join, build, and share their creations within the permaweb. In our most recent series you can catch up with Tiamat: long-time Arweave community member, builder of Chronobot.io and creator of the infamous brain-twisting Arweave Puzzles, and Mulili — BUIDLR of Weave Memos and Weave Reminders.

If you’re a permaweb developer and would like to take part in our upcoming community spotlight series, drop us a line!


In October, the total number of transactions increased by 81.5% compared to September and exceeded 50,000 transactions in one month for the first time. Also last month, monthly data upload grew by 78% and reached 38.6 GB. At the same time, the number of active wallets exceeded 10,000 for the first time.

Remember that you can always check up on Arweave’s key performance indicators on the network’s block explorers.

Network version was released this month — this update brings RandomX mining performance improvements (up to 300%, depending on system setup and hardware), and a new transaction database backend which hugely improves the performance of ArQL and GraphQL queries.

[Arweave in the wild]

How Arweave’s permaweb cheaply hosts sites & apps forever
“What if you could pay now to store something online permanently? You could preserve a website against censorship, save legal contracts, or offer an app even after your company fails. That’s the promise of Arweave‘s Permaweb.”

Preserving the Digital World Is Harder Than It Seems. This Company Claims to Have Made a Breakthrough
“If the Internet Archive is a wayback machine, providing a snapshot of the past, Arweave aims to become a way-forward machine: a distributed database that never forgets and never fails. If the internet is the greatest wonder of the modern world, the permaweb is its shield”

The Forever Web: The need for an ageless Internet
“What if the internet’s data didn’t have to wither and die? What if, like words engraved on a stone tablet or newspaper stored on microfiche, there was a way to retain online information indefinitely? The permaweb doubles as an alternative to web archiving services and a means of future-proofing the data of today against the constant threat of digital authoritarianism.”

Internet Browsing Is Broken — But This Project Thinks It Can Fix It
“With a decentralized archiving service such as that pioneered by Arweave, content — links, articles, videos and much more — can live in perpetuity, immune to censorship or failure of any kind. Without a stable record of online data, future generations will struggle to learn lessons from our past.”


November 1st — February 16th 2020 | Future of Blockchain

Beginning on November 1st, the Future of Blockchain hackathon has been travelling to universities in Cambridge, Oxford, London, and Berlin, on a mission to educate and discover new talent in the developer and entrepreneurial space. Follow the event here.

See you on the permaweb!

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.