Arweave November 2018 Update

Today we’re very pleased to update you on all the latest news and developments with the Arweave project! Let’s get right into it.

Release of Arweave web extension 2.0!

This week we released a brand new version of the Arweave web extension, which can be downloaded here!

The new extension continues to offer AR wallet and web archiving capabilities, plus:

  • A brand new & radically improved UI

View the complete user guide detailing all the new features right here on Medium. Let us know what you think by dropping us an email — we welcome all feedback, suggestions, and comments!

Mining rewards have begun

As of last week, mining rewards have begun! Many, many more nodes are now supporting the network, providing significantly more storage for our users.

The onboarding experience for miners is also much improved, and will be getting even better with network version N.1.6. Our development team have been working hard to support new and existing miners over on our Discord server, the hub of our mining and development communities.

If you’d like to serve the weave and get involved in mining, please email us at and let us know you’d like to become an Arweave miner! We can then provide you with a mining guide and help you get set up.

Node development powers ahead

Since our last update blog on in mid-September, the network has successfully upgraded to version 1.5, a massive improvement in network efficiency and in community experience.

Our node development team is still very hard at work however, and now version 1.6 is approaching with its development proceeding many weeks ahead of schedule. This will be where our node development team continues to focus their efforts at the moment.

Spreading the news about Arweave worldwide

Recently, our CEO Sam Williams has given a wide range of interesting talks, demonstrations, and appearances covering various topics, spreading the news far and wide about Arweave. Recordings of some of these appearances are now available to share with our online community too, including:

The Arweave team is growing!

Finally, we’re very pleased indeed to welcome new members of the Arweave team Sophie and Martin! Martin is joining the node development team, and Sophie is our new Community Manager, here to help support and expand the Arweave community.

Our growing team will continue to expand as we are recruiting for additional roles at the moment in the following areas: the back-end (AKA node development) team, the front-end and product/software team, and in marketing and outreach.

Thanks again to the whole community for your excitement and support shown for our recent progress.

As always, we welcome all community feedback and suggestions! Just drop us an email at any time. You can also join us on Telegram, Discord, and follow us on Twitter and in our Telegram announcements channel for all project updates.


A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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