Arweave Q1 2021 Ecosystem Update: NFTs, The Guardian, a new web wallet, new gateway, & much more!

This quarter has been astronomically busy for the whole Arweave ecosystem! In March alone, the network handled over 1 million transactions, and the storage endowment grew to over $550,000. The latest incubator programme, the Open Web Foundry, came to a close last week with over 500 participants. Plus, we have a raft of fantastic updates to share from the vibrant network of founders, including: Arweave’s unique offering for NFTs being showcased in the Guardian, the creation of atomic NFTs, ArConnect — a new MetaMask-style AR web wallet from the Verto team, and much, much more.

Theres been so much activity so far in 2021, we’re trialling a stripped-down version of this ecosystem update! Give us your feedback here.

Profit Sharing Community Updates

community.XYZ: The profit sharing communities hub

  • Over 70 profit sharing communities, and over 1000 atomic NFTs now call cXYZ home!
  • Radical improvements in loading speed and UX, including significantly reduced fees and increased usability and transparency.

ArDrive: Offering permanent, immutable file storage

ArVerify: The ‘blue tick for the permaweb’

  • Launch of the ArVerify tool, providing a ‘blue tick for the permaweb
  • An explosion of activity post-launch of ArVerify, leading to over 5,500 verifications so far
  • Over $15k in profits distributed automatically to holders of ArVerify’s profit sharing token so far this year
  • Implementation of ArVerify with the ArConnect wallet from the Verto team

ArGo: Deploy to the permaweb in just one click

  • Over 250 dapps and communities have been deployed using ArGo, by more than 200 users
  • ArGo is awarded funds from Gitcoin Grants to support their work
  • Partnership with Polygon (previously Matic), integrating ArGo’s permanent hosting solutions
  • Custom domain support is now available for your ArGo-deployed apps & sites
  • Many new features, including nextJS deployment integration, and streamlined redeployment processes

fQR Weave: The permaweb’s immutable anti-counterfeiting solution

Evermore: A powerful permaweb-based file storage tool

  • Release of the Evermore app for MacOS, and a mobile-friendly web app, resulting in hundreds of new users
  • After becoming the first Arweave-based app to support minting & managing NFTs of all types (including music, images, & video), over 500 NFTs have been uploaded via Evermore to date.
  • Learn more about the Evermore PSC and token here

ArweaveNews: A community-run news service for the Arweave ecosystem

The Koi Protocol: A new framework for decentralized permaweb services

Pianity: Connecting artists, fans, and buyers by building permanent music NFTs

Decent.Land: A permaweb-based social network protocol

everFinance: A layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum with virtually gasless transactions using Arweave

  • The recent beta launch of everPay, which is ETH-compatible.
  • Read this piece for an analysis and comparison of zkSync, xDai, and how they measure up to everPay.

New on the Permaweb

Arcade City: Decentralizing the gig economy

  • Arcade City, in operation for >5 years, recently migrated to the Arweave network, and is now a profit sharing community
  • Integration with Verto.Exchange — view their profit sharing token here

Litentry: Web3.0 cross-chain identity aggregation protocol

  • Integration with Arweave as Litentry’s data storage layer to ensure immutable, reliable data storage for all Litentry users
  • An AMA with the ArweaveNews team giving insights into what’s next for the project.

Non-Fungible Tokens & Arweave

If you have an NFT project you want to bring to Arweave, consider applying for the Arweave Grants programme, or reaching out to us via email.

Atomic NFTs

Hashmasks: A living NFT collection created in collaboration with >70 artists

  • This fantastic NFT digital art collection has officially migrated to using Arweave for permanent storage of its stunning images! This ensures that any Hashmasks owned will never be at risk of their associated art being lost.
  • All 16,384 Hashmasks are now stored on Arweave, forever — you can read about why and how here in this blog by the Hashmasks team.

1111 by Kevin Abosch: Arweave permanent storage in action

  • Digital artist Kevin Abosch recently released 1111, a collection of 1,111 digital artworks, via OpenSea.
  • Every artwork is also an NFT, and each NFT’s assets and metadata is stored on Arweave, ensuring they are permanently preserved, forever.
  • Additionally, every single artwork in this collection is also a profit sharing community! For example, here is the community page for piece 1111 #0537, and here is the image itself.
  • Each piece sold earns OpenKoi profit sharing tokens.

Other NFT projects recently migrating to or minted on Arweave include:

Arweave Network & Protocol Updates

Arweave,, & Succinct Proofs Of Random Access (SPoRA)

  • SPoRA brings a raft of protocol improvements, including dramatically increased data replications across the network, and improvd mining efficiency.
  • Read the full SPoRA release blog post here, or check out this Twitter thread.


  • When setup, the testnet provides a full gateway and Arweave node on your local machine, also allowing you to query the testnet with GraphQL
  • TestWeave provides an SDK that you can install using NPM


  • It’s now possible to turn web pages, images, videos, audio, or any other data on the new web into a profit sharing token or NFT, which can then be traded on Verto.Exchange.
  • The SmartWeave CLI UX has been entirely redesigned
  • SmartWeave now supports web extension-based wallets. Check out the repo here.
  • Fabian Riewe, of the ArVerify team, recently created a testing library for Smartweave.
  • Arweave Developer Advocate & communityXYZ Founder Cedrik Boudreau released two excellent how-to guides for building SmartWeave contracts, you can read them here and here.

Amplify: A faster, more powerful gateway implementation for Arweave


ArDB: Stop writing GraphQL requests by hand!

uwu: A new safe language for writing SmartWeave contracts

  • uwu allows for creation of a fully-functional NFT contract in ~40 lines of safer, JS-familiar code in only ~15 minutes!
  • Learn more in this presentation from @undefined_void, and in this article from ArweaveNews.

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See you on the permaweb!


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