Arweave storage is now natively available in Polygon

The Arweave Project
2 min readNov 19, 2021


Interoperability is an increasingly crucial topic within the blockchain space, as it expands the possible functionalities that blockchain networks can offer to their ecosystems once they are connected. Permanent and scalable storage on Arweave is one such functionality that other blockchains do not possess, but could unlock massive potential for applications on their networks.

This is where Bundlr comes in. Bundlr Network is an aggregation system that collects and submits many pieces of data to the Arweave network in one single base-layer transaction. This unlocks unparalleled scalability of throughput for data transactions in the Arweave network, and but it also enables an exciting new capability: delegated payments.

When users send transactions to the Bundlr Network, their payments to the Arweave network for storage are handled by their Bundlr node. The user and the Bundlr node are then free to organise their own mutually satisfactory payment mechanism.

Enabling massively scalable bundled transactions (even with just AR payments) unleashed extraordinary growth in the Arweave ecosystem.

To put this growth in perspective, the Arweave network is on track to process 15x as many data uploads in November as it did in August!

The next phase of growth is now here: making Arweave’s storage capabilities universally accessible across all platforms, with any tokens. The first network we are excited to partner with on this journey is Polygon.

Polygon is a super fast, ultra-low fee adjunct to Ethereum. This new integration of Arweave (via Bundlr Network) with Polygon allows users of the network to easily upload data to the Arweave network using tokens native to Polygon.

Polygon is the leading interoperability platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its growing suite of products offers developers easy access to a range of scalable technologies, along with lower gas fees which attracts massive numbers of smaller transactions.

This integration is live and ready for developers to use today via the resources here.

The next step for this partnership is to roll this integration into all the wallets in the Polygon ecosystem, bringing these new capabilities directly to end-users. To accelerate these integrations Arweave, Polygon and Bundlr are thrilled to announce the launch of a $9,000 USD developer grant to bring these features into the wallets. Check out the specs here and get hacking!



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