Beyond Blockchain Hackathon Roundup

In June, we teamed up with GitCoin and a bunch of other blockchain buddies to sponsor the Beyond Blockchain Hackathon, where we funded a number of specifications with over $7k of rewards up for grabs. During the hackathon we welcomed submissions from both new, and returning, community members, along with some awesome builds from participating hackers. Here is a showcase of the winning submissions:

📱Decentralised App Stores For Firefox, Android, Or Chromium

Prize: $5k in ETH

Build the best permaweb-based app store for either Firefox, Android, or Chromium (the only major platforms where this is still possible) that does not require any intermediary.

Winner: Albatross by Josh Richardson

Albatross is a decentralised app store with zero dependencies that allows you to download Chrome & Firefox extensions — the platform is currently in version 0.1, however there are already a list of planned features for upcoming version 0.2. Follow the progress of Albatross and give Josh a shout on Discord [@eagles#2541] if you’ve any feature requests.

📩 Provable Emails

Prize: $750 in ETH

Create the best service that allows users to CC or FWD an email to an address and have a hash of it permanently stored into the blockweave — providing a valuable utility for those that wish to prove the contents of messages they have sent or received.

Winner: Email Proof by Igor Shadurin

With Email Proof, you can prove the content of your emails along with the sent date, by sending the email to If you would like to save only a hash and the subject of your email, you can send it to — both options will save your mail permanently on Arweave’s blockweave. The Email Proof bot automatically checks the inbox every ten minutes and will answer your request with an Arweave URL linking to your stored email(s). Try saving your mail now!

👵 Ancestry On A Blockchain

Prize: $750 in ETH

We were on the lookout for the best permaweb app that accurately maps out and tracks one’s family tree, taking the user interface and broader user experience journey into account.

Winner: Adam by Lyner

Adam is a decentralised family tree built on the permaweb, making your family history immutable. Users can log in with their Arweave keyfile and input personal and family details such as: name, surname, date of birth and location. Adam is currently on version 0.1, but Lyner plans to develop the platform and add additional features — you can find out more about what he had to say about it in our recent community spotlight series. As ever, Adam is open source, so feel free to get involved in the development.

📝 Open Knowledge Platforms

Prize: $750 in ETH

Being able to cite original and reliable resources is more important than ever in the age of fake news. This challenge was to build the most interesting and original knowledge sharing and editing platform built on Arweave’s permanent ledger.

Winner: AR Open Knowledge by Srisankethu

Currently in its testing stage, AR Open Knowledge is a decentralised article publishing platform where users can share their knowledge, views etc. which is stored permanently on permaweb. Current features include: browsing of published articles, login to publish or comment on an article, edit previous articles, and to tip the author of an article. Follow Srisan to find further updates and developments on AR Open Knowledge, or start posting your articles now.

There you have it — our Beyond Blockchain winners! Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to everybody involved. The applications above showcase a solid foundation of open source tools that can be built upon, and integrated into our everyday lives when moving towards a decentralised future. We can’t wait to see what other permaweb apps our community develops in the coming months, and don’t forget to follow our current and upcoming bounties on GitHub. Get involved in our most recent ‘Grow Ethereum’ hackathon with GitCoin now and see what specifications we have set. Happy hacking!

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