Build permaweb apps without code: 3 Arweave+Zapier tools you can make in less than 5 minutes

Yesterday we showcased some of the neat hackathon builds that were published onto the permaweb over the past few weeks — one of those projects being the Zapier integration for Arweave. Zapier is a simple ‘point and click’ (no programming) service for building integrations between thousands of web service APIs. Zapier’s seamless integration model means that you can now build an unprecedented number of Arweave apps on the permaweb, without writing even a single line of code.

In this post we will take you through the process of building your first Arweave+Zapier ‘Zaps’, and showcase some of the neat things that you can build. To energise/kick-start your venture into the world of ‘Zaps’, we’re giving away 1000 AR to the coolest Arweave+Zapier integration. More details about this can be found at the bottom of this article.

#1 Auto-archive @realDonaldTrump’s new tweets

Implementation time: 1 minute 34 seconds

Love them or hate them, Donald Trump’s controversial tweets are now important historical documents about our turbulent age. Unfortunately, a number of these tweets have been deleted from the president’s timeline. The above video takes you through the process of building an automated tweet archiver, so that Trump’s tweets are immediately timestamped, logged, and added to our communities’ growing archive of valuable historical documents.

#2 Weavemail to email bridge

Implementation time: 2 minutes 20 seconds

As much as we love Weavemail, it has yet (early days 😉) to replace the existing centralised and non-privacy-protecting web mail infrastructure from the likes of Google/Yahoo/Microsoft. The Zap displayed in the video above helps you setup a simple Arweave network monitor that notifies you when you receive a new weavemail. Remember, We’re offering 10 AR to the first 100 people to send their first Weavemail — send your weavemail now so that you don’t miss out!

@arweave-sam’s weavemail address is: vLRHFqCw1uHu75xqB4fCDW-QxpkpJxBtFD9g4QYUbfw

Click the link here to get started.

# 3 Arweave whale watcher

Implementation time: 2 minutes 53 seconds

When large quantities of tokens are in transit on the Arweave network, we like to keep track of them. With this ‘whale’ watcher, we receive a Slack message every time a large transaction happens. Integrations like these show how simple and easy it is to get notified of events inside the Arweave network.

What will you build?

The above examples are just a few of the near-endless tools that you can very quickly build with Arweave+Zapier. Now you’re set! We’re super excited to see what you guys come up with, so don’t forget to share your Zap projects with us @ArweaveTeam.

Zapier <> Arweave competition rules:

  • Submissions (either as a short video showing what it does, or a brief text guide with some screenshots) should be made by Friday 19th April 2019
  • Submissions should be sent to
  • Multiple submissions per person are allowed

Let your creative run wild!

Arweave + Zapier integration link:

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