Community Spotlight: Meeting Cedrik

Before joining Arweave as a Developer Advocate, Cedrik AKA Gold Zeus wasted no time in diving deep within the permaweb ecosystem and creating stand-out platforms such as: Arweave Apps (easily discover permaweb apps by category), Weaver (a peer-to-peer permaweb browser) and Arweave Archive (search & find archived content via wallet address). In this week’s community spotlight, we catch up with Cedrik and find out what a decentralized future looks like to him.

Country of residence: Canada

Occupation: I’m a Developer Advocate at Arweave

What do you like to do with your spare time? Travel, go out with friends and learning new things.

How did you find out about the Arweave permaweb? Thanks to the bounties from Arweave on GitCoin.

When and what piqued your interest in decentralization and the blockchain space? When I first joined the crypto sphere, it felt like an entirely new world, and in a way it is. Full of new possibilities and so much to learn. I joined crypto full time in 2016, when I decided to create an app for one of the altcoins. This app became so popular that I decided to leave my company and dedicate myself to building it full time. Thanks to this project, I became known in the crypto world and started getting job offers from other coins. I always felt recognition for my work here.

Why did you choose to build ArweaveApps? When I first joined the Arweave community, I was unable to find other community member’s work besides searching on the Discord server. ArweaveApps is a place to see and interact with all apps that are part of the Arweave ecosystem.

Do you plan to continue developing ArweaveApps for everyday use? Yes, I want to keep developing ArweaveApps; there’s always room for improvement.

If you could build any dApp, what would it be and why? I think a main focus right now is how to access dApps without centralization. I started working on Weaver after I finished ArweaveApps, which is a browser to interact with Arweave without the need for any other browser or browser plugins. I think any dApp that helps with this cause is a plus in the decentralized community.

What does a decentralized future look like to you? For me, decentralization is not only about the lack of control we have due to corporations that own everything (like money, web services, and our behaviour). But more on a deeper level, like changing our way of thinking and how things should work. I imagine the future of decentralization being an open-world, open-mind space, where people help each other for a better outcome. Whether it is monetary like lower fees or money transfer speed; or psychological like accepting we are all different and that’s great because we all bring something new to the table.

Where can people follow your work?

GitHub: Cedriking

Discord: @ArweaveCedrik

Twitter: Cedriking

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