Community Spotlight: Meeting May

In this addition of our community spotlight series we meet May: a Javascript developer who has a keen curiosity for decentralised social and information storage platforms. Since building ArWiki — a decentralised Wikipedia-style platform on the permaweb — May is busy envisioning a future where mass decentralised communities and DAO applications will form the basis of the web. Read on to find out more…

Country of residence:



Javascript developer

What do you like to do with your spare time?

Read some books, grow some plants, trade some coins 🌿😉

How did you find out about the Arweave permaweb?

I found out about the permaweb on Gitcoin. I have long been interested in how decentralized storage works, so I decided to try and do something of my own using this technology.

What piqued your interest in decentralisation and the blockchain space and when?

Bitcoin, 2017

Why did you choose to build ArWiki?

In 2018, I had a small blog on Steemit and was always interested in similar platforms, such as a decentralized wikipedia. Later, I discovered about Everipedia built on EOS and decided to repeat something similar using Arweave.

Do you plan to continue developing ArWiki for further use, or do you have any new build ideas for the permaweb?

Both. Ar-Wiki still needs to have some cool features implemented, like author tipping or article edits — just like Everipedia.

With Arweave, I like how we can combine 2 blockchains using 1 app. That’s why I would like to build a gambling application that will use ETH and Arweave to combine protocols.

What other communities are you a part of?


If you could build any dApp, what would it be and why?

Good question. I imagine this would be an application with almost zero transactions on the blockchain, but with fast block confirmation. The application itself will be some kind of Telegram or Facebook clone but without ads/sales of personal data. Independent developers could develop this application by publishing all new changes to Github or other similar platforms.

What does a decentralised future look like to you?

A world where big tech companies like Google/Facebook/Amazon have less power and control than huge decentralized communities; one that makes decisions by using DAO apps or something similar. A future, where people understand the value of their personal data and manage it how they like.

Where can people follow your work?

Github: @logitec1994

Twitter: No twitter, #cryptoanarchy 😎

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