Community Spotlight: Meeting Mike

This week we get to know Mike: Seasoned software developer, day trader, and all-round-multi-talented BUIDLR who enjoys crafting his own musical instruments, building software, and exploring the possibilities of blockchain technology. When he’s not busy building, you can find him teaching Python to his 18k YouTube subscribers! Dive in and enter the world of Mike 🤖

Country of residence:

I live in the UK


CEO/Senior Software Developer at Hibbert IT Solutions Limited — after working in software/IT for over 28 years I started my own company around 8 years ago after realising I can do the job just as good and my previous employers!

I’ve been working on clients’ applications, as well developing in-house software for various different sectors, such as: Health, Finance and Gaming.

What do you like to do with your spare time?

When I’m not developing software for games, blockchain apps and trading platforms — I day trade cryptocurrencies and play musical instruments, as well as building my own custom made instruments (guitar, mandolin, ukulele & cigar box instruments) 🎸😊

How did you find out about the Arweave permaweb?

I was served an ad from Brave browser, so I talked with acquaintances who also are involved in blockchain tech and they told me they admired the Arweave project and encouraged me to get involved.

What piqued your interest in decentralisation and the blockchain space and when?

I started day trading about a year ago and was interested in learning how to code software that would assist me in trading more effectively, so I started exploring blockchain tech and learning how it works.

After that, I became curious about running my own nodes and learning how to send transactions from them using my own code.

When I discovered the Arweave project, I found that this was a great way to learn how blockchain can store data as well as being used to store and send value. Naturally, I jumped in!

How did you come to participate in Arweave bounties?

I really like the way Arweave is interested in rewarding everyone who contributes, and they are open an honest with the community. It’s super cool that they provide you with these fantastic hackathons which are educational, at the same time as being engaging.

I honestly think that a lot of other blockchains and companies should look at how to do the same thing, as it is a great way to foster innovation!

You also created the Decentralized Academic Publishing Portal — do you plan on developing this for further use?

If people show that its a tool that they will use and provide feedback about improvements they’d like to see, I’m all in! It would be great to see the app grow and become what it was originally intended to do, which is to provide a way of sharing important information without it becoming subject to gatekeepers who will charge ridiculous prices. In the same way as open source follows the idea that code should be easily available and unrestricted, ideas and information in general, should be the same.

If the Decentralized Academic Publishing Portal can be adopted by enough people, then it will disrupt the old way of things — with that, I’m sure users will find more and more ways of how it can be improved. So, if the users of the DAPP want further development, I’ll certainly develop it for them.

What other communities are you a part of?

I’ve previously been running nodes and helping out with testnets for Harmony and Elrond, which includes writing my own code for penetration testing and transaction load testing.

In addition, I have a YouTube channel with over 18 thousand subscribers where I teach Python programming 💻

If you could build any dApp, what would it be and why?

I’d very much like to build a decentralised trading platform that would not only exhibit technical analysis tools, but also provide trading signals, as well as educational insights into crypto trading for newcomers.

What does a decentralised future look like to you?

I’d like to see things develop to the point where your location doesn’t affect your chances of earning a living, and you can use your knowledge and skills to support yourself and your family.

I tend to take a human outlook towards technology and would like it to be used as a tool that can help individuals find ways to navigate throughout the world we live in.

Where can people follow you/your work?

You can find me active on Twitter or Instagram where I regularly post about programming and trading ideas. I usually keep my work private for clients, but you can see most of my personal project on Github or on Bitbucket:

Github username: @mikehibbert

Twitter: @MickeySoFine

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