Community Spotlight: Meeting Mulili

This week we meet Mulili who eats, sleeps and breathes code. When Mulili isn’t building platforms like Weave Memos and Weave Reminders, he’s busy envisioning new ways on how to improve blockchain’s onboarding processes, or he’s taking a trip around his beloved Kenya. Read on to discover the world of Mulili…

Country of residence:



Artificial Intelligence Consultant

What do you like to do with your spare time?

Code Code Code…… 😍

Seriously though, I like playing video games in my free time, relaxing with family and friends, and last but not least, going on road trips in my beautiful country Kenya.

I would highly recommend anyone who has an adventurous spirit to visit Kenya and find out why this country is deemed magical by almost all of its visitors. From our pristine beaches to our invigorating game reserves where nature runs wild as intended, I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy your visit. **Kenya plug ends here** 😉🇰🇪

How did you find out about the Arweave permaweb?

I found out about the Arweave permaweb from the ongoing Gitcoin open web hackathon, and I decided to learn more about the technology and give the hackathon a shot.

What piqued your interest in decentralization and the blockchain space and when?

My interest in decentralization and blockchain started in December 2017 when Bitcoin was mooning at $20k.

As a developer, I had heard about blockchain before, but it really never interested me till those golden days of bitcoin. So I decided in early 2018 to learn more about the technology and the space — consequently, I discovered Gitcoin in late 2018 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why did you choose to build WeaveMemos?

Firstly, I wanted to come up with a dApp that could showcase the immense advantages of decentralized storage in the permaweb: i.e. lots of storage space that isn’t controlled by a 3rd party and unlike most cloud solutions, will remain forever.

I also wanted the dApp to be practical and solve a real-life issue most people face: audio journaling which is thoroughly limited by traditional storage systems (mobile phones etc) that have a fixed space and hence, tend to fill up very fast — especially if you create audio memos, given its large file size.

And so, with this in mind, I came up with and swiftly implemented the Weave Memos dApp to allow users to record their audio memos and save them securely to the permaweb without the fear of losing them, either due to lack of storage space or security issues like hacking.

I hear you’re working on a new build, would you like to share what you’re building or is it a secret?!

Definitely, I’m currently building a reminders dApp where users can safely store their reminders about future events in the Arweave blockchain and of course, get notifications about the reminders in the future. Update: Weave Reminders is now live on the permaweb, you can give it a spin here.

What other communities are you a part of?

I’m part of the Topcoder and Kaggle communities where I work on data science/machine learning challenges in my free time, to continually boost my expertise in this field. I also like to work on Gitcoin bounties from time to time to get some of that crypto experience under my belt 😊

If you could build any dApp, what would it be and why?

Great question, if I could build any dApp it would be a centralized-decentralized wallet.

I know it sounds like an oxymoron but let me explain. Currently, the biggest obstacle in my opinion, is onboarding mainstream users to use the blockchain dApps because of the concept of wallets and the complexity required in maintaining and securing a wallet; plus, the financial risks attached to losing the wallet.

If this obstacle could be removed by abstracting away all the unnecessary complexity from the end-user, then I believe solutions in the blockchain would scale and onboard many users within a short period of time, and therefore bring us closer to that decentralized utopia we are all working towards.

My solution would be to build a centralized wallet dApp that does away with the current complexities so that users have a single point of reference when it comes to connecting to the blockchains and from there on, experience all that decentralized magic.

What does a decentralised future look like to you?

A decentralized future for me is a future where people are in charge of their private data and understand the value of this data.

It is also a future where systems are developed to compliment and protect user’s data and hence, take all the necessary ethical & security precautions in handling this data. This is unlike the current model, where big tech companies get user’s data for free or through trickery and squeeze as much valuable info from it as they can and finally sell it to 3rd parties all without the user’s knowledge, consent or even understanding.

So, in a nutshell, a decentralized future to me is where systems are developed ethically and maintained independently i.e. like the Arweave blockchain, with the benefits of the end-users in mind at all times.

Where can people follow your work?

Most of my work is in github, but I also have quite a number of projects stored privately in bitbucket as well, I’ll probably make them public one day, who knows 😆

Github username:

Mul1sh: @Mul1sh



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