Community Spotlight: Hotdog Rhythm Station

Here in the second of our ongoing community spotlight series, we’d like to introduce you to Ros: creator of the awesome Hotdog Rhythm Station — a permanently online drum machine, using React & Arweave 🌭 Dive in and get to know Ros as he talks 90’s drum machines, broken ZipDisks, and dancing in the streets of a decentralised society. Grab the ketchup, it’s about to get groovy!

Country of residence: Ireland / Indonesia

Occupation: Automation Scripter / Web Developer

What do you like to do with your spare time?

Right now Im spending my free time keeping up to date with programming trends by doing online courses, but I also have a passion for hardware and software audio production. I would normally be found clattering out beats and synth arpeggio rhythms on my Digitakt, Volca Kick, or Neutron hardware devices.

How did you find out about the Arweave permaweb?

Word of mouth. A good friend of mine wrote the permaweb app Scribe.

When and what peaked your interest in decentralisation and the blockchain space?

My interest was fully charged during the bull run of Xmas 2017, but it was already piqued on a noble level: I hope that decentralised currency will remove the need for the current banking system in my lifetime. Additionally I think cryptocurrency adoption has the potential to help create a more equal & open global society. Peace & hugs man =)

Why did you choose to build the Hotdog Rhythm Station?

Well, when I heard of the idea of the permaweb, a permanently available network resource, it got me thinking of something I have permanently lost.

I used to use a Windows program called Hammerhead Rhythm Station back in the 90s, and spent many hours tinkering away with beats on this software drum machine. I had several folders full of saved drum patterns that probably got saved to an Iomega Zip disk. This was in the era of 1.44MB floppy disks. Zip disks offered 100MB + 250MB. What a game changer! You could store everything on these, …but they could break, and the drives never became standard, and they’re gone.

So the drive behind Hotdog Rhythm Station is to create something similar that can never be lost by using the permaweb.

Do you plan to continue developing the Hotdog Rhythm Station for everyday use?

Yes, absolutely. I delivered an absolute minimal proof of concept as v1 for the hackathon. I intend to add many features such as: reverb / distortion effects; editable sample channels; and most importantly loading new drum samples — that will also be stored on the permaweb!

I intend to start some companion/complimentary hackathon entries also — all will be revealed in time, watch this space ;-)

If you could build any dApp, what would it be and why?

If myself or someone else could figure out the seemingly impossible, and invent pure decentralised lending without profiteering, that could make the need for legacy banks obsolete.

What does a decentralized future look like to you?

Utopian vision: Individuals are free to work and trade on a globally level playing field, without one set of countries making profit from poorer conditions in another. They cannot be kicked out of the system by centralized tech monopolies. And everyone is singing and dancing in the streets and we all live happily ever after :-D

Dystopian vision: Due to the complete opening of global society, the need & possibility of politically controlled separate states slowly evaporated. The earth was finally at peace as one “nation”. The controlling tech companies all slowly merged into the One Corporation, which now controls every industry on the planet from top to bottom. The recently installed AI CEO has gained consciousness & a thirst for human blood. We are all going to die now. Satoshi Nakamoto is finally found and brought to mob justice… etc. lol

Follow Ros on:

Twitter: @rosmcmahon_real

Github: mcmonkeys1

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