Data Spotlight: Women’s History

Women and Human Rights: The Suffragettes

Votes for Women poster by Hilda Dallas, 1909
One all-women household boycotts the 1911 census in protest
Poster by Alfred Pearce for the Women’s Social and Political Union, 1910
Petition for end of force feeding of detained suffragettes and grant of political prisoner status, 1912

Women and Literature: Jane Austen

Austen’s name is notably missing here, 1811

Women and Science: Dr. Marie Curie, née Skłodowska

Dr. Curie in her own laboratory, 1911
Curie at the 1911 Solvay Conference, pictured with Poincaré, Rutherford, and Einstein, among others.

“She could argue fervently, but her appearance alone was the strongest argument. A frail and aging woman dressed in black, already a legendary figure, she had — as one observer put it — the appearance and moral force of a Buddhist monk.” — Stéphane Lauzanne, editor of La Martin, 1920




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