DevPost: Building the permaweb

Building the permaweb hackathon

In our ongoing initiative to support growth within the permaweb ecosystem, we’ve partnered with DevPost to bring you the building the permaweb hackathon. Starting today, Monday 23rd September — the hackathon will be running for two months, in an open call to developers from all corners of the web who wish to build permaweb applications and gain rewards from a prize pool of up to $5,000 in ETH, plus: AR bonuses, team mentorship, Arweave SWAG, and more.

The goal of the hackathon is to build decentralised applications that are ready to be used on the permaweb. All submissions will be considered for our Apollo program that brings users to these platforms and rewards developers for building awesome user-first DApps.

The prizes are as follows:

1st place — Arweave Champion
$2,500 in ETH
2,500 AR

2nd place — Arweave Pioneer
$1,500 in ETH
1,500 AR

3rd place — Arweave Advocate
$1,000 in ETH
1,000 AR

Head over to DevPost to get familiar with the criteria, and start hacking now.

Don’t forget to join our developer Discord server to chat, and get feedback and assistance with building. Ready… set… BUIDL!

A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.

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