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  • Prometeus Labs

    Prometeus Labs

    The team of data scientists and professional entrepreneurs with more than 10 years experience in ML, data analysis and data enrichment.

  • Claudiu Filip

    Claudiu Filip

  • 12Bits


    a byte and a nibble

  • Erik Lagerway

    Erik Lagerway

    Do or do not, there is no try — Yoda

  • Andy Bromberg

    Andy Bromberg

    Co-founder & President at CoinList. Founding research scientist at the Stanford Bitcoin Group.

  • André de Albuquerque

    André de Albuquerque

    Host of the @PioneersShow. Interested in learning every day. Using the podcast to learn and take a self hosted Masters Degree on Entrepreneurship

  • Emilie Choi

    Emilie Choi

    Head of Corp & Biz Dev and Biz Ops at Coinbase

  • Lasha Antadze

    Lasha Antadze

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