NFTs and Attention Rewards: Verto and Koi Spotlight


Verto is a decentralized trading protocol built on Arweave. Verto allows anyone to buy or sell profit sharing tokens (PSTs) that have been minted on the network. PSTs are tokens on Arweave that distribute to their holders ongoing dividends accrued from dapp usage. When a user interacts with an Arweave application, they will spend a nominal amount of AR token for their actions. A portion of this nominal fee (known as the tip) is distributed to the individuals who own PSTs for that application in proportion to their ownership. PSTs are minted at the time of a dapp’s launch, and can be freely traded on an open market to other Arweave users who wish to be part of a dapp’s revenue stream.

  • Monitor their AR and PST balances across multiple wallets.
  • Discover community-specific information about the PSTs they hold, such as governance and profit-sharing information.
  • Transfer AR and PSTs to other addresses, including Verto.
  • Stay on top of inbound and outbound transactions to/from your wallets.

Open Koi

Open Koi is a protocol designed to incentivize participants to perform actions in favor of the network as a whole, in return for $KOI tokens. The Koi protocol adopts a mechanism of slow consensus which improves network efficiency, lowers costs, and ensures sustainability. One of Open Koi’s applications allows nodes to scrape the web and store it in the Arweave blockchain permanently.



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The Arweave Project

The Arweave Project


A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.