Official Rules of the Archain Project Application Development Competition 2017–18

By submitting an entry into the competition, entrants agree to the rules laid out herein.

This competition is run from the United Kingdom and is subject to UK law.

Submission of an application to the Archain Project Application Development Competition does not forfeit any of the developers’ intellectual property rights to the application they have created.

How to enter

To enter the competition you should email before the deadline with a short description of your project (no more than 500 words), along with either a web address at which the application is running, or a repository with simple-to-follow instructions for running the application ourselves.

AR prizes (125,000AR, 62,500AR, and 62,500AR, plus 100AR to all entrants)

Three prizes of AR will be awarded to the development team(s) responsible for the best three applications submitted during the contest. The three prize-winning applications will be selected by a judging panel comprised of Archain project team members and backers of the Archain project, and made on the strength of the application’s concept and its execution. The decision of the judging panel is final.

The development team who created the first place winning application will receive 125,000 AR, and development team(s) who created the two runner up applications will also receive 62,500 AR each.

Applications can be created by an individual developer or a team of developers, but teams must select an appointed nominee who will serve as the point of contact between the Archain project team, judging panel, and the rest of their development team. When submitting a team entry to this competition, the appointed nominee should send the initial entrance email from their preferred email address. All future communications about this team entry, including any notification of investment opportunity and competition prizes, will be sent to the nominee’s email address as provided at the time of submission. Prizes will be awarded per application, regardless of the size of the development team.

Multiple unique entries from the same individual or team are permitted.

Every unique and non-trivial application submission (at the discretion of the judging panel) will receive 100 AR, as a ‘thank you’ for participation in the competition and your interest in the Archain project.

Winners will be notified via email on or before the 3rd of September 2018 (30 days after the closing date of the competition, at midnight GMT on the 3rd of August 2018).

Investment pool awards and opportunities

The investment pool of $10,000 (USD) will be distributed at the discretion of the Archain project team, and the pool may be distributed between more than one developer or developer team. Funds from the investment pool are to be offered in exchange for a percentage stake in the resultant business, the specifics of which will be negotiated between the Archain project team and the developer(s) involved.

Notifying entrants of prizes and investment opportunities

The Archain project team will contact prize winners and investment opportunity recipients via the email address used to submit the competition entry. These developers will be notified of their success via email between 3rd of August 2018 (the competition’s close date) and the 3rd of September 2018. The entrants awarded AR prizes will be contacted by the Archain project team via the email address originally used to submit their competition entry. If competition winners or runners up do not respond to this notification email within one calendar month of the notification email being sent, this will cause the prize to be forfeit, and the judging panel will be required to select a different competition entry to receive said prize. Where a winning entry was submitted by a team of developers, the team’s appointed nominee will be contacted via their provided email address with details of their success. As with individual developer entries, if a response to this notification email is not received by the Archain project team within one calendar month of the notification email being sent, the AR prize(s) will be forfeit and re-distributed.

Developers will also be approached regarding receipt of investment pool funds via email at the email address they originally used to submit their competition entry. As with receipt of AR prizes, if a response to this notification email is not received within one calendar month of the notification email being sent, this investment opportunity may be forfeited, and may also be offered to other competition entrants.


The Archain project team reserves the right to disqualify any entrant should it be concluded by the judging panel that an entrant has tampered with the entry process or other operation of the competition, acted illegally in any part of the submission process, acted towards the Archain project or another entrant in an unfair, threatening, harassing, or otherwise unreasonably disruptive manner.


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