Profit Sharing Communities Ecosystem Update

Just one month ago, we had our first community call to discuss profit sharing communities (PSCs). Profit sharing communities are the new business model for the decentralised web.

If you couldn’t participate then, you can catch up here on YouTube.

Today, the model startups are built on is fundamentally flawed. People bring their talents and hard work to startups under the promise of being part of a larger vision, only to later realize how little control they have over the result of their efforts.

We need a fairer model where startups allow everyone to work with more autonomy, have a say in the use of their work, and capture value immediately. Profit sharing communities provide this fairer model.

With PSCs, founders can issue tokens for required tasks, AKA opportunities. Contributors work on jobs they are interested in & suited for, receiving ownership & revenue immediately upon completion.

This is real today.

In just one month, we have seen 15 major PSCs created and in just the last week 3 communities on-boarded their first major contributors: ArDrive, OpenBits, and ArGo. Congratulations!

You can see a list of even more PSCs here.

Investors are very excited about the latest PSC developments too! At least 9 projects have been in talks with world-leading venture capital funds since the Open Web Incubator Demo Day!

Today, 7 new PSC projects are in the final stages of raising their first external funding! Additionally, there are funded PST buy orders on Verto.Exchange for 3 projects, eagerly waiting for founders to list their PSTs for sale.

Meanwhile, these founders are already onboarding contributors to complete important project tasks by offering PSTs in return.

25 of these opportunities have been posted to community.XYZ, with builders & marketers rallying to the call.

For example, via the community.XYZ opportunities board, Vilenarios commissioned a new ArDrive website built in exchange for ArDrive PSTs.

Some founders are even quitting their traditional employment to devote more time to their own profit sharing communities instead!

Here’s what the SyllabusWeave team had to say:

One of the core goals of profit sharing tokens is to create financial assets that have strong, clear fundamentals — backed by already-live web apps that yield micro-dividends directly & immediately as users engage with them.

Amidst the current DeFi craze, you can think of this as ReFi — Regenerative Finance — with far stronger fundamentals than even traditional company ownership.

PST tips are already flowing — congrats to Cedrik who made >$500 from his PSC, community.XYZ, in just its first couple of weeks!

…and the ecosystem keeps accelerating! Founders are starting new PSCs all the time.

Launching today: bendiken’s new project Sworn! A Solidity/Vyper/Clarity to SmartWeave compiler.

You can join the new Sworn community here.

Another profit sharing community is also launching today: ArVerify!

ArVerify is a new system for validating a permaweb user’s ID across the whole ecosystem. With just one captcha and login, it provides reliable identity everywhere.

You can join ArVerify’s new Discord here.

This wave of growth is only just beginning.

Follow us here and on Twitter to hear the details, time, & date of the community call soon.

We’re looking forward to chatting with you TateBerenbaum, Cedriking, Ivanmolto, and _htrap!

See you on the permaweb, everyone!


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