Swapping Assets and NFTs on Arweave with Verto Exchange

Video tutorials to get you started with Verto Exchange, a protocol for swaps and NFT trading on the Arweave network.

Verto is a decentralized trading protocol built on Arweave. Verto allows anyone to buy or sell profit sharing tokens (PSTs) that have been minted on the network. PSTs are tokens on Arweave that distribute to their holders ongoing dividends accrued from dapp usage.

Learn how to swap assets on Verto exchange:

Verto has also launched Space, an application to browse and trade NFTs. Verto Space has built in attention rewards, powered by incentivization protocol Open Koi. Verto Space allows Arweave users to buy and sell profit sharing tokens for specific NFTs, providing not just fractional ownership over the assets, but revenue generation based on the attention rewards generated from that NFT on the Arweave network.

Check out the tutorial for using Verto Space and download ArConnect to get started:



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