The Arweave Open Web Incubator: Demo Day 2020 Recap

On Friday 14th of August 2020, after 6 weeks of intense work, we celebrated the Open Web Incubator 2020 Demo Day! Ten top permaweb projects showcased their work for a chance to receive a part of the $100,000 investment pool made available by Arweave. Just 8 weeks after the launch of SmartWeave, and only 2 weeks after the launch of profit-sharing communities, we have been blown away by the innovative and diverse projects making amazing use of these technologies.

Besides the core Arweave team, representatives from Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and 1kx were able to attend and participate in investor-only meetings with the presenting projects.

Below are summaries and key resources for each of the amazing projects showcased at Demo Day.

You can watch the whole event here on YouTube, or look below for short videos of individual project pitches!


ArDrive is a private, secure, decentralized, pay-as-you-go, censorship-resistant and permanent data storage solution, for everyone.

The ArDrive app lets you sync files securely from your desktop. The first CLI version lets you import or create your Arweave wallet, upload and download files to and from the permaweb, plus encrypt and protect private files and is integrated with a Profit Sharing Community (ticker ARDRIVE).

Pitch: ArDrive Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Phil Mataras


Github repository:

Twitter: @ArDriveApp


Limestone is a data ecosystem for decentralised finance, offering a solution for financial data storage and processing. It is 1,000,000 cheaper than Ethereum offering efficient querying and permanent availability.

Pitch: Limestone Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Jakub Wojciechowski


Github repository:

Twitter: @limestone_defi


The Evermore app allows you to store your data in the blockchain… Forever! Evermore is designed to be a drop in replacement for apps like Dropbox and OneDrive so that you can store all your files in the Arweave blockchain and avoid all the monthly subscription costs by only paying to upload your data once.

Pitch: Evermore Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Mike Hibbert


Github repository:

Twitter: @EvermoreData


Nest.Land is an immutable module registry for Deno, on the blockweave. combines Deno with the Arweave. With Nest.Land, users can publish their Deno modules to the permaweb, where they can never be deleted. This avoids a major pitfall for web-based module imports while allowing the developer to maximize on the potential of Deno’s import design.

Pitch: Nest.Land Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Tate Berenbaum


Github repository:

Twitter: @NestDotLand


Non-Zone is the global storytelling map for experiential and solo-travelers. Non-Zone’s solution uses storytelling, deo-fencing and blockchain to create a profit-sharing marketplace of Stories, a sort of global map of “special places”.

Pitch: Non-Zone Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Alessandro Perico


Github repository:

Twitter: @NonZoneApp


With ArGo you are just a click away from the Arweave permaweb!

ArGo is a tool for deploying JavaScript web apps to the Arweave permaweb with just one click. The app maintains app versions and tracking logs in one place. Deploy your site by providing minimum details directly from ArGo.

Pitch: ArGo Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Prashsant Maurya


Github repository:

Twitter: @ArGoAppLive


Outpost provides a platform to create online communities owned by the users themselves.

Users are able to create and govern communities through smart contracts that are built on Arweave. The Outpost team supports these communities with their open-source server and blogging platform so that users can create internet native publishing companies with a familiar user experience.

Pitch: Outpost Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Samuel Hatem


Github repository:


OpenBits utilises Arweave’s profit-sharing token technology to enable developers of open source packages to earn from their publications.

Utilising the Arweave blockchain, OpenBits incentivises developers to create those small packages that lay the foundation to all the complex applications we use day by day.

Pitch: OpenBits Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Luca Cervone


Github repository:

Telegram group: @OpenBits_Official


Verto is a decentralized profit sharing token exchange for Arweave.

Verto is a completely decentralized network of trading posts built on top of the blockweave. Anyone can host their own trading post and power the exchange, while also being incentivized to do so. With Verto, you can pick the trading post you’d like to use and exchange your profit-sharing tokens freely.

Pitch: Verto Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Tate Berenbaum


Github repository:

Twitter: @VertoExchange


WeaveID allows users to log in to Arweave apps from anywhere!

WeaveID offers a non-custodial wallet for the Arweave blockchain. You can “login” to your Arweave wallet using an email address & password- just like a normal app! The main goal is to reduce friction for Arweave app user onboarding.

Pitch: WeaveID Demo Day presentation

Presented by: Seena Zandipour

WeaveID website:

Github repository:

Stay tuned here on Medium or over on Twitter to learn more about what’s next for incubator participants, and find out which projects Arweave has decided to invest in!

See you on the permaweb!


A novel data storage blockchain protocol enabling a permanent serverless web and creating truly permanent data storage for the first time.